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HP Officejet Pro 8000 (A809a) and 8000 Wireless (A809n) Printers - Print a Self-Test Page


Use the self-test page to view current product information, ink cartridge status, and printhead health status. The self-test page can be used to troubleshoot printer problems and confirm the installation of optional accessories, such as the duplexer.

Print a self-test page

There are three ways to print a self-test page. You can print a self-test page from the product control panel, from the product Toolbox, or from the Embedded Web Server (EWS). Use one of these methods to print the self-test page.

Method one: Use the control panel to print a self-test page

Video of printing a test page

The following video demonstrates how to print a printer status report.
This video shows the HP Officejet Pro 8000 Printer series (A809), but the steps are the same for your printer.
If you have trouble viewing the video or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube.
Press and hold the Cancel button () for 3 seconds.
The self-test page prints.
If the product is connected to a network, the network configuration page or the wireless configuration page also prints. This is normal.

Method two: Use the printer Toolbox to print a self-test page

  1. Depending on the operating system installed on the computer, use one of these steps to open HP Solution Center:
    • Windows Vista: On the Windows toolbar, click the Windows icon (), click Programs, click HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
    • Windows XP: Click Start, click All Programs, click HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
  2. Click Settings, click Print Settings, and then select Printer Toolbox.
    The product Toolbox appears.
  3. Click the Services tab, click Print Self-Test Diagnostic Page, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
    The self-test page prints.

Method three: Use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) to print a self-test page

To open the Embedded Web Server (EWS), the product must be connected to a network and must have an IP address.
When opening the EWS, you might receive a message stating that the certificate is invalid. Accept the link to open the EWS.
  1. Use one of the following instructions to open the EWS:
    • Windows XP taskbar: Right-click the HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon () in the notification bar in the lower-right corner of the computer, point to the product you want to view, and then click Network Settings (EWS).
    • Windows Vista: On the Windows toolbar, click the Windows icon (), click Printers, right-click the icon for the printer you want to view, and then select Device Web Page.
    • Web browser, any operating system: In the address bar of a Web browser window, type the IP address or hostname that has been assigned to the product.
      For example, if the IP address of the product is, type in the address bar.
      To find the IP address or hostname assigned to the product, press the Wireless button () or the Network button () on the control panel to print a network test report. The IP address is located in the Configuration Summary section of the network test report.
  2. Click the Settings tab and then click Device Services in the left pane.
  3. Select Self-Test Report from the drop-down list in the Reports section and then click Print.

Description of the self-test page

The self-test page contains important information about the performance and health of the product. Use this graphic and the following table to identify each section of the self-test page and find the information in each section.
Figure : HP Officejet Pro 8000 (A809a) and 8000 Wireless (A809n) All-in-One Printers - Self-test Diagnostic Page
Printer Information
Shows device information (such as the product name, model number, serial number, and firmware version number), the accessories that are installed (such as the duplex unit), and the number of pages printed from the trays and accessories.
Ink Cartridge Status
Shows the estimated ink levels (represented in graphical form as gauges) and the part numbers and expiration dates of the ink cartridges.
Printhead Status
Shows the status of the printhead health and the part numbers, first-installation dates, and end-of-warranty dates of the printheads, as well as the accumulated ink usage.
The status options for the printhead are: good, fair, and replace. If the status is 'fair', then the print quality must be monitored, but the printhead does not need to replaced. If the status is 'replace', then the printhead should be replaced.






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