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HP USB Network Print Adapter - Setting up the HP USB Network Print Adapter


Use this information to identify and setup the USB network print adapter. Follow the steps in order.

Setup the HP USB Network Print Adapter

Do not install the HP USB network print adapter before you set up your printer. You must first set up the printer and install the printer software using a universal serial bus (USB) cable. Make sure you can print using the USB cable before continuing.

Step one: Unpack the HP USB Network Print Adapter

  1. Remove the HP USB Network Print Adapter from the box.
  2. Remove the packaging material around the adapter.

Step two: Check the contents of the box

The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.

Step three: Connect the network print adapter

  1. Turn off the HP printer.
  2. Use the USB cable to attach the network print adapter to the USB port on the back of your HP printer.
    If your printer has a USB port on the front, do not attach the network print adapter to it. Use the back USB port.
    Figure : Connecting the network print adapter to the printer
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the network print adapter and the hub or router.
    Figure : Plugging in the Ethernet cable into the network print adapter
  4. Plug the power cord for the network print adapter into a power outlet.
  5. Turn the printer on.

Step four: Install the network print adapter software

  1. Close other software programs, especially HP software such as the HP Solution Center or HP Director.
  2. Insert the network print adapter CD.
    Figure : Inserting the network print adapter CD
  3. Click Install to install the software.
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. If you have not already connected the network print adapter and turned on the printer, do so now.
  6. Select your network print adapter from the list and click Next.
    The files begin to copy. A window displays showing the printer that has been found.
  7. Click Finish to complete the installation.
    Leave the For best results, allow all users full printer access box checked. If this box is unchecked, only an administrator can restart the printer if it pauses because it is out of paper or for other causes.

Step five: Install the printer software and connect to the printer

If the printer software is already installed on this computer, go to Step six.
If you need to install the printer software, use the following directions.
  1. Leave your printer attached to the USB Network Printer Adapter.
  2. Insert the printer software CD or start the downloaded driver installation.
  3. When the software asks you to plug in the USB cable, follow the instructions in Step six.

Step six: Connect to the printer using Connection Manager

  1. Right-click the Connection Manager icon in the System Tray (lower-right corner of your screen).
    Figure : Connection Manager icon
  2. Select Connect. The icon will change to show a successful connection.
    Figure : Successful connection of the connection manager






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