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HP Photosmart A826, A827, and A828 Printers - Streaks or Lines in the Printed Image


The product prints, however the printout shows streaks or lines. The lines are perpendicular to the direction the paper moved through the product.
Figure : Streaks or lines in the image
Streaks or lines in the image


Complete the steps in the order presented to resolve the issue. It might not be necessary to complete all of the steps.

Step one: Check the estimated ink levels

The ink level indicator icon () in the upper left corner of the touch screen in the printer status bar shows the cartridge ink level.
A cartridge might be running out of ink even if the graphic shows that there is ink remaining in the cartridge. The ink levels provided are an estimate. Lines or streaks always appear in printouts when the cartridges begin to run out of ink. If print quality is acceptable, there is no reason to replace the cartridges. Low ink warnings are provided for planning purposes only.
If the ink level is low, replace the cartridge. If the ink level indicator shows that there is ink in the cartridge, continue to the next step.

Step two: Clean the cartridge

  1. Touch the menu icon () icon on the quick touch frame.
  2. Touch Cartridge.
  3. Touch Clean Cartridge to begin the cleaning process. The product prints a test page.
If the issue is still not resolved, continue to the next step.

Step three: Replace the cartridge

If you have not already replaced the cartridge to try to resolve the issue, replace the cartridge now.

Remove the cartridge

  1. Make sure that the product is turned on.
  2. Open the cartridge door.
  3. Push down on the cartridge, and then pull it out of the slot.

Install a new cartridge

  1. Make sure that the product is still turned on.
    The attention light might flash or an ink level warning might be lit on the touch screen.
  2. Open the input tray lid, and then gently push open the input tray.
  3. Load photo paper in the input tray with the glossy side facing toward the front of the product. Push the paper down gently until it stops, and then slide the the paper width guide to the left to fit close to the edge of the paper without bending the paper.
  4. Close the input tray, and then close the input tray lid.
  5. Open the output tray.
  6. Open the cartridge door.
    Figure : Open the output tray and the cartridge door
    Open the output tray and the cartridge door
  7. Open the cartridge package. Pull the pink tab to remove the clear tape from the cartridge.
    Figure : Remove the tape from the cartridge
    Remove the tape from the cartridge
    Do not touch or remove the ink nozzles or the copper-colored contacts on the cartridge.
    Figure : Ink nozzles and contacts
    Ink nozzles and contacts
  8. Insert the cartridge with the label facing up and the copper-colored contacts facing the inside the product.
    Figure : Insert the cartridge
    Insert the cartridge
  9. Push the cartridge into the carriage until it snaps into place.
  10. Close the cartridge door and touch OK.

Step four: Service the product

If replacing the cartridge did not resolve the issue, service the product.






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