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HP Designjet 30, 130 and 90 Series Printers - New Color Profiles for HP Gloss and HP Satin Media

New color profiles are now available which improves the color accuracy.
Yellow tonality in the prints when printing from Adobe Photoshop and the HP-GL-2 driver using the driver color setting Application Managed Colors and then selecting the appropriate paper icc profile in the application.
The affected papers icc profiles are:
  • HP DJ30/90/130 – Photo Gloss – Drv
  • HP DJ30/90/130 – Photo Satin – Drv
Click here to download the new color profiles from Designjet online at
See the table below for the new icc profiles and the corresponding papers:
New ICC profiles
Corresponding papers
HP DJ30/90/130 – Photo Gloss P – Drv
HP Premium Plus Photo
HP Proofing Gloss
HP Photo Gloss
HP DJ30/90/130 – Photo Satin P – Drv
HP Premium Plus Photo Satin
HP Photo Satin