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Designjet 4000 and 4500 series - Firmware Features and Fixes in Version


There are several fixes and features in the new firmware version


Firmware for HP Designjet 4000/4500 Printer series
REVISION: Updated 06/20/2006
Main New Features
Change in the default settings for media handling
In this new firmware release, the default setting for media handling is "Minimize paper waste" instead of "Minimize roll changes." This change was implemented to concur with customer feedback.
No risk to have a wrong printout using "clip content by margin"
When using the "Clip content by margin" setting (by selecting Queue = Off, and in Job Management; Clip Content by Margin), there was the possibility of having an erroneous printout. The image could be duplicated few times, and some thin horizontal lines could be printed. Now, with this firmware release, the "Clip Content by margin" functionality works well.
New nesting settings
Now it is possible to reduce the nesting margins, in order to have similar functionalities as the DJ1050. Within the Queue Management menu; Options > Nesting Options menu > Nest spacing; two settings; automatic (default) or 0. By selecting Automatic, there is no change between this release and the previous. Selecting 0, the user can nest; for example, three A3 plots in a 36” Roll. In some cases, when this setting is set to 0, it is possible to have the preview not fully accurate. There is also a fix in the nesting. Previously, when doing nesting in 24 inches roll, in some cases the printer was freezing.
Possibility to disable the "Backup Print Mode"
It is now possible to disable the "Backup Print Mode" in order to maintain printer throughput, when printing in FAST mode, even if the image quality can not be maintained because of nozzles out (on aging print heads).
User Name for file submission can be made optional in the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
When submitting jobs through the EWS, it is now possible to leave the "user’s name" blank. This field can be left blank (not mandatory) by un-checking the "Require user’s name" box from within the EWS Device setup configuration.
Ability to change the order of different files submitted with the EWS
Now it is possible to change the order of submitted files, by just using the Up and Down arrow.
Several fixes for the Embedded Web Server (EWS) "Usage" page
The ‘Usage’ page of the EWS, in some specific cases, became inaccessible. It is now fixed in this new Firmware release.
The option to select "roll 3" in EWS has been removed: When submitting a job through the EWS, within the list of paper sources, there was an entry for each Roll (1 and 2) but there was also an entry called "roll 3;" ; this is now fixed. "Roll 3" entry has been removed, and will not appear anymore.
No risk of clipping with the resize function: When submitting *.jpg or *.tiff through the EWS and when using the resize function, there is no more risk of clipping.
"Default" margins no longer apply "Small Margins": When submitting files through the EWS, if the margins were setup to default, in most cases, "Small Margins" were applied to the printed plot. This is now fixed, and the default settings of the front panel are applied.
Some 79:04 system errors fixed: No more 79:04 system error when changing the settings of the "send accounting" capabilities through the EWS.
Big plots (more than 100Mb) are now saved in Stored Jobs: When submitting a big file (more than 100Mb) through the EWS by "submit jobs," with the option "store job in printer" checked; the job is printed and saved in the stored jobs. Before this firmware release, this functionality was not working properly.
New message for Roll Module 2 cable when it is poorly-connected
When the cable between Roll Module 2 and the printer is not well-connected, the text displayed for the System Error 01.3.01 is now: "Roll 2 Module is not detected. Check cable connection between Roll 2 Module and rear of printer."
No "incorrect..." message when changing the media type
No more "incorrect..." message displayed on the front panel when changing the media type of a loaded roll (previously, a misleading message concerning the color calibration was displayed in some cases).
Media length tracking available for the HP Designjet 4000-series
Media length tracking is now available (as it is already for the 4500). When a roll is loaded, the front panel will ask: "Select roll length." User can choose between "unknown" and different default lengths. Once a length is chosen, the EWS, in Information > Supplies, will show the length of the paper.