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HP 915, Deskjet D and F printers - Mixed or Missing Ink

This document applies to HP 915 Inkjet All-in-One printers, HP Deskjet D1520, D1530, D1550, D1555, D1558, D1560, D1568, F2110, F2120, F2128, F2140, F2179, F2180, F2185, F2187, F2188, F325, F335, F370, F375, F378, F380, F388, F390, F394, F4135, F4140, F4150, F4172, F4175, F4180, F4185, F4188, F4190, F4194 printers.


You printed a diagnostic page and found colors that are very different from the colors on the cartridge label, or entirely missing colors.


Step one: Run the clean print cartridges utility

  1. Make sure that there is plain white paper in the input tray.
  2. Open the Printer Toolbox.
    1. Open HP Solution Center.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Print Settings.
    4. Click Printer Toolbox. The Printer Toolbox dialog box displays.
    You can also open the Printer Toolbox from the Print Properties dialog box. In the Print Properties dialog box, click the Services tab and then click Service this device.
  3. Click the Device Services tab.
  4. Click Clean the Print Cartridges.
  5. Follow the instructions that display on the screen.
  6. Examine the test page that prints. If the print quality of the page is good, click Done and stop here. If the print quality is bad, proceed to the next step.

Step two: Replace the problem cartridge

If the problem has not been solved by the steps above, either the printer or the problem cartridge is defective.
  • If you have not tried cartridge replacement previously to solve this problem, replace the problem cartridge now. To see if your cartridge is covered under warranty, see HP Inkjet Supplies - Inkjet Print Cartridge Warranty Quick Reference
  • If you have already tried cartridge replacement and it did not help, the printer might need to be serviced. Click Contact HP on this page for more support options.

Cause and prevention

Color mix is usually caused by a material touching the nozzles. Ink can wick along the material and travel from nozzle to nozzle. When different colors of ink mix in this way, the result is muddy, inaccurate colors.
Missing colors occur when the cartridge nozzles dry out, or when a color is exhausted because of specific printing demands.
  • Do not remove the protective tape from a new print cartridge until just before you install it. Once you remove the tape, do not reapply it.
  • After you have removed the protective tape, do not allow anything to touch the nozzles.
  • Print at least once a month to keep the print cartridges in good working order.
  • Always turn the printer off by pressing the button on the printer control panel, rather than by unplugging the printer. Turning the printer off properly allows it to protect the cartridges.
  • If you are removing a cartridge from the printer temporarily (for instance, removing the black cartridge in order to install the photo cartridge), put it in a cartridge protector.
  • If you do not have a cartridge protector and need to remove a cartridge temporarily, put it in an airtight plastic tub. Make sure nothing touches the nozzles. Do not use a plastic bag. If you intend to store print cartridges in a tub for a long period of time, place color cartridges with the nozzles down, and black cartridges with the nozzles up.






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