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HP Business Inkjet 2300 Series Printer - Clearing and Preventing Paper Jams


If the print media is jammed in the printer, follow the instructions below to clear the jam.
  1. Remove all media from the output tray.
  2. Check the optional auto-duplex unit or rear access panel.
    1. Push the button on either side of the auto-duplex unit or rear access panel and remove it.
    2. If you locate the jammed media inside the printer, grasp the media with both hands and pull it towards you.
      Figure : Removing jammed media
    3. If the jam is not there, push the latch on the top of the auto-duplex unit (if you have one) and lower its cover. If the jammed media is inside, carefully remove it. Close the cover.
      Figure : Auto duplex unit
    4. Reinsert the auto-duplex unit or rear access panel into the printer.
    5. If you cannot locate the jam, go to Step 3.
  3. Lift the output tray and check for a jam in Tray 1.
    1. If the media is jammed in Tray 1, pull out Tray 1. (Otherwise, go to Step 4.)
    2. Pull the paper towards you as shown in the diagram.
      Figure : Tray 1 paper jam removal
    3. Lower the output tray and reposition Tray 1.
  4. If you have not yet found the jam, check Tray 2. (Otherwise, go to Step 5.)
    1. Pull out Tray 2. If you see the jammed media, remove it from Tray 2.
    2. If you cannot locate the jammed media by removing Tray 2 from the printer, turn off the printer (if you have not already done so), and then remove the power cord.
    3. Lift the printer off Tray 2.
    4. Remove the jammed media from the bottom of the printer or from Tray 2.
    5. Reposition the printer on top of Tray 2.
  5. Open the top cover and check inside the printer for any remaining media. If there is media inside the printer, follow the steps below. (Otherwise, go to Step 6.)
    1. When you lift the top cover, the carriage should return to the right side of the printer. If the carriage does not return to the right side, turn the printer off.
      Do not reach into the printer when the printer is on and the carriage is stuck.
    2. Free the media and pull it towards you through the top of the printer.
  6. After you clear the jam, close all covers, turn on the printer (if you turned it off), and then press the Resume button to continue the print job.
    The printer will continue the print job on the next page. You will need to resend the page or pages that were jammed in the printer.

Tips for avoiding jams

If media repeatedly jams in the printer, follow these tips to avoid media jams.
  • Make sure the printhead latch is properly engaged.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the paper path.
  • Do not overload the trays. Tray 1 holds up to 150 sheets of paper and Tray 2 holds up to 250 sheets. For the HP Business Inkjet 2300dtn, Tray 2 holds up to 500 sheets. Be sure the media does not exceed the maximum stack height as indicated on the label in the tray.
  • Load media properly.
  • Make sure the media width and length guides fit snugly but gently against the stack of media, but do not wrinkle or bend the media.
  • Always use media that conforms with the specifications.
  • Do not use media that is damaged, curled, or wrinkled. Do not use media with cutouts or perforations or media that is heavily textured or embossed.
  • Avoid media that is too thin, has a slick texture, or "stretches" easily. Such media does not feed properly through the printer.






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