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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - Unable to Create a RPF File with Acrobat(R) Distiller Installed

Acrobat(R) Distiller is not working. Systems: Cannot generate a Remote Proofing file (RPF format) and can not view files in Acrobat Reader
Copy hpRemoteProofing.api file to the computer where the Remote Proofing software is being installed. Typically the path will be C:\Program Files\adobe\ Acrobat\reader\ or C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat\Plug_ins
During the installation of Remote Proofing software, if the computer has Acrobat Reader installed, the software installation will install the hpremoteproofing.api (distiller plug-in file) file in the correct directory.
But if the computer does not have Acrobat Reader installed, the Remote Proofing software will install Acrobat Reader, but will not copy the hpremoteproofing.api file (plug-in) to the correct directory.
Hpremoteproofing.api is the Acrobat Distiller plug-in for the HP Remote Proofing Software.