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Samsung Laser Printers - How to Reset the Printing System in Windows 7

Resetting the printing system deletes all print queues and print jobs, as well as resetting all print settings to default. All configuration files are deleted after resetting the printing system.
After the printing system has been reset, you will need to download the print driver again and reinstall the printer. Go to Software and Driver Downloads and enter your model printer into the search text box to download the latest driver.
You must have administrative access, in Windows, to reset the printing system. For some computers (laptops provided by an employer, for instance) it may be necessary to contact your IT department.
Do the following steps to reset the printing system in Windows 7:
  1. Click the Windows Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    Ábra : Select Control Panel
  2. Click Administrative Tools.
    Ábra : Select Administrative Tools
  3. Click Print Management.
    Ábra : Select Print Management
  4. Click Print Servers.
    Ábra : Select Print Servers
  5. Right click in the white space below the name of the print server, and then select Add/Remove Servers.
    Ábra : Select Add/Remove Servers
  6. Click Remove All, and then click OK. The printing system reset has been completed.
    Ábra : Select Remove All then click OK