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HP printers - 'Encryption Credentials Expired' error (macOS, iOS)

When printing from macOS or iOS, an Encryption Credentials Expired error message displays and you are unable to print. The error displays when the Embedded Web Server (EWS) has an expired certificate, and hence the operating system rejects the certificate. This Certification is necessary to secure connections with AirPrint and Secure Internet Printing Protocol (IPPs).

This error can happen in macOS. To work around this error and continue printing from macOS/iOS, generate a new self-signed certificate in the EWS from any Windows PC.

Generate a new self-signed certificate from EWS

Open EWS from a Windows computer, and then generate a new self-signed certificate.

Use the desktop view of the EWS to generate the certificate. The mobile view of the EWS does not have the Certificates menu option.

  1. On a Windows computer, open an internet browser, and then enter the printer’s IP address.


    For more information on how to open the EWS, see Use the HP Printer Embedded Web Server (EWS).

    The printer's EWS page opens.

  2. In the EWS page, click the Network tab.

  3. Click the plus sign next to Advanced Settings to expand the list, and then click Certificates.

  4. Click Configure, select Create a New Self-Signed Certificate, and then click Next.

  5. Click Finish.

    Clicking Finish

    The printer generates a new certificate that defaults to 10 years from the valid date.

  6. Close the EWS page.