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HP Printers - Print features do not work as expected or are missing in macOS Catalina (10.15) or Mojave (10.14)

After installing the HP print driver for an HP printer in macOS Catalina (10.15) or Mojave (10.14), driver features are missing or do not work as expected.


This is expected behavior that is part of a design change in macOS Mojave (10.14).

Printer-specific options for HP printers are now found under Printer Features or Feature Sets in the Print dialog box.

Printer Features in the HP driver

Printer Features in the HP driver

Feature Sets in the HP driver

Feature Sets in the HP driver


Use the Apple AirPrint driver as an alternate option for printing. However, some features found in the HP driver might not be available.


Beginning with macOS Mojave (10.14), 3rd parties, such as HP, are no longer allowed to load customized Print Dialog Extensions (PDE) or user interfaces for printing, causing certain aspects of the user experience to change.

For example, settings are no longer automatically adjusted (some have dependencies between them) and tooltips are no longer available causing some inconsistencies in the driver settings and behavior.

For the known list of affected features, see the Known feature changes section below.

Known feature changes

The known list of features affected and the new expected behavior include some of the following changes:


The known list of affected applications include Safari, Preview, Photos, Text Edit, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.

  • Tooltips are absent

  • Finishing concept preview is absent

  • Edge Control, Compression, Resolution Enhancement, and EconoMode options are absent in the Printer Features list

  • The explanation text for booklet, manual duplex, and job storage printing is absent

  • PIN To Print field with visible PIN number is saved to Preset

  • Bind Pages on the Right option for Booklet Printing is enabled for Landscape orientation, but does not work

  • If the Fold option is not enabled, the Sheets per set option is available, but does not work. The maximum is 3 for C-Fold and 5 for V-Fold.

  • Stapling options are available when Multiple copies and Disable collation are selected, but the staple settings do not work

  • Color controls can be changed when HP EasyColor is turned on

  • Color controls do not return to default settings after enabling HP EasyColor

  • When Black Only is selected in color feature sets, Neutral Grays are available, but do not work

  • A custom name can be entered even when custom is not selected from the corresponding pop-up on Job Storage and Watermarks feature sets

  • Manual Duplex settings are enabled by default, but should be disabled by default, and can be adjusted even when Manual Duplex is disabled

  • When Two-Sided printing is enabled, Manual Duplex is not disabled, but should be

  • When Manual Feed is enabled, Manual Duplex is not disabled, but should be

  • On the Job Storage feature set, all controls are available even if it's turned Off in the Mode dialog box

  • When the Watermark check box is not selected, all controls are still available in the Watermarks feature set

  • Sheets per Set is displayed twice in the Presets tab

  • Default is displayed in the Job Name text field in the Job Storage Job Name text field when loading a custom preset

  • For printers that support finishing, all staple/punch options are available, even if the printer does not support them

  • Unsupported finishing options are available, but do not work

  • Unsupported HCI staple/punch options and page sizes are available, but do not work

  • After setting the Job Storage Mode to Off, settings do not return to defaults

  • After clearing the Watermark check box in the Watermarks feature set, settings do not return to defaults

  • When the Format Output as Booklet option is not selected in the Booklet Printing feature set, all controls are available, but should not be. Normally, these are greyed out.

  • Format Output as Booklet check box is enabled when two-sided printing is turned off. It should be disabled.

  • Booklet Printing is enabled when Pages per Sheet is set to 2 or more. It should be disabled.

  • Booklet Printing is enabled when a staple option other than Fold and Stitch is selected in the Finishing feature set. It should be disabled.

  • Unsupported characters are not replaced by ~ in the Job Name text field on the Job Storage feature set

  • Media types and Paper for Booklet options are enabled even when not supported by a tray

  • Media types are enabled for unsupported paper sizes

  • Snap-to feature for the Paper Size in Preview and Media Type in Paper Quality does not work as well as other controls

  • Staple does not switch to Fold and Stitch after selecting Lower Left Booklet Bin

  • Booklet Printing is not enabled after selecting Fold and Stitch

  • Horizontal/Vertical shift sliders, edit fields, and steppers are absent

  • Back Side Shift and Mirror Front Side check boxes are enabled in the Finishing feature set, but do not work when Two-sided is disabled. They should be disabled.

  • Accounting controls (Department ID and Department Access Code) are absent where supported on older printers

  • The Job name is empty on the printer control panel when a custom job name is used for Job Storage, Personal Job. A default job name works.