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HP ENVY 34-inch All-in-One Desktop PC - Best practices for memory upgrades to prevent 'Unsupported memory populations' error

Follow these recommendations to upgrade the HP ENVY 34-inch All-in-One Desktop PC memory and prevent errors, such as an 'Unsupported memory populations' error or blinking LEDs.

Error messages and alerts

You might hear beeps or see error messages when you restart the computer after installing memory modules. If you encounter the following, you might need to reinstall the memory using best practices.

  • The computer won't start, but the power LED blinks and you hear three long beeps and two short beeps.

  • When you turn the computer on, the BIOS displays the following unsupported memory populations error message, and then the computer turns off.

HP ENVY BIOS error messages

Memory installation recommendations

Before you install memory modules, review these recommendations.

  • Make sure that you are installing memory modules that have the correct part number for the HP ENVY 34-inch All-in-One Desktop PC.

    Memory module part numbers

    Memory module size

    Part numbers

    DDR4 8 GB

    • 286H8AA

    • 286H8UT

    DDR4 16 GB

    • 286J1AA

    • 286J1UT

    DDR4 32 GB

    • 4S967AA

    • 4S967UT

  • Make sure that all memory modules are the same part number, brand, model, and rank.

  • Make sure that each memory module is installed in the correct DIMM slot on the system board.


    You must install either two or four memory modules at a time. You cannot install only one or three memory modules, because that configuration is not supported.

    • If you are installing two memory modules, install them in slot DIMM1 (B) and slot DIMM1 (D).

    • If you are installing four memory modules, install them in slot DIMM0 (A), slot DIMM1 (B), slot DIMM0 (C), and slot DIMM1 (D).

DIMM slots A through D

For more information, see HP Desktop PCs - Upgrading memory (RAM) (Windows) and the following video: