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HP PCs - Hard disk error displays before the computer starts in Windows 10

On startup, a Hard Disk Error message displays.

This error message might indicate an issue with sectors, data, or physical disks on the hard drive.

Hard Disk Error message screen

If this error message displays, perform a hard drive diagnostic test to verify the condition of the hard disk drive.

Perform hard drive tests in HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics provides multiple tests to test the hard drive on your computer and confirm hardware failures. First, run the Quick Test (two to three minutes). If the Quick Test does not find a problem, run the Extensive Test (two hours or more). It can run once or loop until an error occurs. If the Extensive Test does not find a problem, the issue might not be with your hard drive, and you can continue troubleshooting the issue.

  1. On the Component Tests menu, click Storage, and then click Quick Test.

    Selecting the Hard Drive Quick Test
  2. Click Run once. The Quick Test begins.

    HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Hard Drive SSD Test screen
  3. If the computer has more than one hard drive, select the drive to test. To test all the hard drives, select Test All Hard Drives.

    When the test is complete, the screen displays the results. Test results are also available in the Test Logs on the main menu.

  4. If the hard drive passes the Quick Test, but there is still a problem with the hard drive, run the Extensive Test. This test includes the SMART Check, Short DST, Optimized DST, and Long DST. To run these tests individually, select them from the Hard Drive Tests menu.

  5. If the hard drive fails a test, click Troubleshoot.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to attempt to resolve the problem, and then click Yes.

  7. If the problem is not resolved, click Yes to contact HP Customer Support.

  8. Scan the QR Code, or write down or copy the failure ID (24-digit code) and product ID for when you contact HP Customer Support. The information is also available in Test Logs on the main menu.

  9. If your computer is online, click NEXT to go to the HP Customer Support website.

Reviewing the hard drive test results

When the hard drive test is complete, a message is displayed to indicate what actions have been taken.

Test result

Suggested action

Hard Disk Test passed

Use the computer as usual.

Problem found and repaired

Use the computer as usual.

Bad sector found and re-mapped

Restart the computer.

  • If another error message is displayed, run the hard drive test again.

  • If no error message is displayed, use the computer as usual.

Specific error message and 24-digit failure ID code is displayed

Contact HP Customer Support.

Error message SMART Check: NOT INSTALLED | Short DST: NOT INSTALLED is displayed

Reload default BIOS Setup settings.

Refer to the specific HP document for your product and then follow the steps in the section of Reload default BIOS Setup settings.

After reloading the default BIOS setup, run the hard drive diagnostic test again. If the error Not INSTALLED displays again, contact HP Customer Support.

Contacting HP for a failed hard drive test

If the hard drive test fails, write down the failure ID (24-digit code) and contact HP Customer Support.


The failure ID is also available in Test Logs on the main menu.

Hard Disk Test results showing failure