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HP Color LaserJet M751, M856, E75245, E85055, MFP M776 - Set up the printer for banner printing

Learn about how to enable banner printing using FutureSmart firmware 4.11 or newer and Windows Universal Print Driver (UPD) 7.0 on an HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M751, MFP M776, M856, HP Color LaserJet Managed E75245, and E85055 printer.

Paper specifications for banner printing

Banner printing requires a custom paper size and is different from the normal A4 paper size. Use the following table as a guideline when using custom size paper for banner printing.
Banner printing measurement
Paper specifications
12.59 x 47.24 inches (320 mm x 1200 mm)
Weight (Heavyweight paper)
163 - 256 g/m2
Although the supported paper weight for office is 90 g/m2, it is recommended to use 163 to 256 g/m2 to obtain best results for banner printing.
When the paper weight is 90 g/m2, it is difficult to keep the paper straight and avoid wrinkles.

Printer settings to print banners

To set up banner printing, follow these steps:
  • Step one: Check the current firmware installed on the printer
  • Step two: Update the printer firmware and driver
  • Step three: Set up the settings on the printer driver

Step one: Check the current firmware installed on the printer

To determine the current firmware version installed on the printer, print a configuration page from the printer control panel.
  1. From the Home screen on the printer control panel, select Reports.
    For FutureSmart 3: From the Home screen on the printer control panel, scroll to and select Administration, and then select Reports.
  2. Select Configuration/Status Pages, and then select Configuration Page.
  3. Select Print to print the configuration page.
  4. On the Configuration Page, look in the Device Information section for the Firmware Revision (2411093_060284, for example).

Step two: Update the printer firmware and driver

Make sure that the printer has the latest printer driver and firmware installed.
  • Driver - Universal Print Driver version: UPD 7.0 (
  • Firmware version: 20200717_2411093_060284.bdl or newer
  1. In the Identify your product for manuals and specific product information section, type your printer model in the text box, and then click the Submit button.
  2. On the product home page, click Software, Drivers and Firmware.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the firmware or driver section and view the latest firmware and driver available.
  4. Compare the revision number of the latest firmware available on the HP Customer Support page to the Firmware Revision number on the Configuration Page that you printed earlier.
    • If the firmware revision numbers are the same, there is no need to update the firmware.
    • If the firmware revision numbers are different, the latest firmware is not installed on the printer.
  5. If the latest firmware version is not installed on the printer, update the printer firmware.
    For detailed instructions on how to perform a firmware update, go to Update the firmware.
  6. If the latest printer driver is not installed on your printer, select the correct driver on the HP Customer Support page, and then click Download.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to download the printer driver or go to Installing a Printer Driver with a USB cable.

Step three: Set up the settings on the printer driver

To create a custom size for banner printing, follow these steps:
  1. Open the software program (Adobe for example), select the File menu, and then select the Print option.
  2. On the Print screen, select the correct printer from the Printer drop-down list, (callout 1) and then click Properties (callout 2) as indicated in the below image.
      Figure : Print driver and Properties selection
    1. Printer selection
    2. Properties
  3. Click the Paper/Quality tab and select Tray 1 from the Paper Source drop-down list.
    Figure : Paper source
  4. Click the Custom button.
  5. On the Custom Paper Size screen, type a banner name in the Name text box.
  6. On the Paper Size section, type the correct banner paper dimensions in the Width and Length text boxes, save the settings, and then click the OK button.
    Figure : Custom Paper Size settings
  7. Make sure that the new custom size and the correct tray is selected for printing.
    Figure : Custom paper size and paper source
  8. Load the banner paper gently into the tray and hold the paper straight while printing.

Applicable LaserJet printers

This document applies to the following HP Color LaserJet printer series:
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M751
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M776
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M856
  • HP Color LaserJet Managed E75245
  • HP Color LaserJet Managed E85055






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