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HP LaserJet Pro M402, M403, MFP M426, MFP M427 - Removal and replacement: Tray 2 separation roller assembly (Tray 2)


This document provides the procedures to remove and replace the separation roller assembly (Tray 2).

Before performing service

Turn the printer power off
  • Disconnect the power cable.
    To avoid damage to the printer, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the power cable before attempting to service the printer.
Use the table below to identify the correct part number for your printer. To order the part, go to
Separation roller assembly (Tray 2) part number
Separation roller assembly (Tray 2)

Required tools

  • No special tools are required to install this kit.

After performing service

Turn the printer power on
  • Connect the power cable.
  • Use the power switch to turn the power on.

Post service test

Make sure that the printer initializes to a Ready state.
Print a configuration page to make sure that the printer is functioning correctly.

Step 1: Remove Tray 2

  1. Pull the tray straight out of the printer to remove it.
    Figure : Remove the tray

Step 2: Remove the separation pad roller assembly (Tray 2))

  1. Pull the separation pad assembly straight up to release it.
    Figure : Release the assembly
  2. Remove the assembly.
    Figure : Remove the assembly

Step 3: Unpack the replacement assembly

Unpack the replacement part from the packaging.
HP recommends responsible disposal of the defective part.
Recycle and unpack
Figure : Recycle and unpack

Step 4: Install the separation pad roller assembly (Tray 2)

  1. Install the assembly in the slot in the cassette.
    Figure : Install the assembly
  2. Push the separation pad assembly straight down until it snaps into place.
    Figure : Release the assembly

Step 5: Install Tray 2

  1. Slide the tray straight into the printer to install it.
    Figure : Install the tray