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Replacing Cartridges and Printheads for HP Officejet Pro K5300 and K5400 Printer Series


This document provides information on how to replace cartridges and printheads.

Video of replacing cartridges and printheads

The following video demonstrates the steps for installing and replacing the cartridges and printheads. The first part of the video demonstrates installing cartridges and printheads. The second half of the video demonstrates replacing cartridges and printheads. The product in the video might not look exactly like your product, but the steps are the same.
If you have trouble viewing the video, or to the view the video in a different size, click here to play the video (in English) on YouTube.

Replace the cartridges

An ink cartridge might need replacing when the Power light and the Resume light blink, and one ormore of the ink cartridge lights are on.
Figure : Blinking Power and Resume lights and one or more Cartridge lights on
Follow the steps below to replace the ink cartridge.
  1. Release the ink cartridge cover to open the cover.
    Figure : Open the ink cartridge cover and remove each ink cartridge from the package
  2. Align the ink cartridge with its color-coded slot and then insert the ink cartridge into the slot. To ensure proper contact, press down firmly on the cartridges until it snaps into place.
  3. Close the ink cartridge cover.
    Figure : Insert the ink cartridges and close the ink cartridge cover

Replace the printheads

A printhead might need replacing when print quality issues cannot be resolved by cleaning the printheads, or when the Power light is on and one or more of the printheadlights blink.
Figure : Power light is on and printhead light(s) blink
Use the following instructions to replace the printheads in your printer.

Step one: Remove the failed printhead

  1. Press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  2. Open the top cover of the printer.
  3. Press and hold the Resume button until the carriage moves to the left. Wait for the carriage to stop moving.
    Be careful not to proceed until the carriage is on the left side of the printer. If the carriage does not move to the left automatically, turn the printer off and back on and then try holding down the OK button again. The printhead can be damaged if the carriage is not all the way to the left for installation.
  4. Lift the printhead latch.
    Figure : Lifting the printhead latch
  5. Lift the handle of the failed printhead and then pull the printhead up and out of the printer.
    The black/yellow printhead is on the left side.
    Figure : Removing the failed printhead

Step two: Shake and then open the new printhead

  1. Shake the new printhead package rapidly five to six times.
    Figure : Shaking the printhead package
  2. Remove the new printhead from the package.
  3. Remove the protective caps from the printhead.
    Do not shake the printheads after you remove the caps.
    Figure : Removing the protective caps

Step three: Install the new printhead

  1. Insert the printhead into its color-coded slot. Press down firmly on the printhead to ensure propercontact.
    Figure : Inserting the printhead into its slot
  2. Pull the printhead latch all the way forward, and then press down to ensure that the latch isproperly engaged.
  3. Close the top cover.
  4. The printer should align the printheads automatically in a few minutes, printing an alignment page. If it does not, go to the next section to align manually.

Align the printheads

If you installed the HP software, use the instructions in Method one. If you installed a Plug and Play driver or other driver, use the instructions in Method two.






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