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HP Electrostatic 7600 Series Plotter - Improper Plots and Crash Codes

Random problems with the HP 7600 Series Electrostatic Plotter. Sometimes large plots come out with random vectors or incomplete plots; the plotter seems to "lock-up" or displays an Error or Crash Code. (Also, see document entitled "CRASH CODES AND DESCRIPTION.")
Refer to the information below:
Communication problems
Check all cable connections at the HP 7600 Series Electrostatic Plotter and at the computer. If the cable or connections look damaged in any way, this could affect the file transfer. If your computer is connected to the plotter with a Parallel cable, make sure that the cable does not exceed 10 Feet in length. Cables that are longer then 10 feet or are not properly shielded, are usually the most common causes of poor communication. For an RS 232 Serial connection, do not exceed 50 Feet.
Corrupted or Fragmented Hard Disk
If problems occur primarily when doing large plots, and smaller plots plot correctly, the solution is usually simple. Problems occurring primarily with large files is a sign that the HP 7600 Series Electrostatic Plotter's hard disk drive has become corrupt or fragmented.
model 250, 255, or 355 PLotters
If you have the above model of the HP 7600 Series Electrostatic Plotter, use the following procedure to resolve this issue:
  2. Press the ENTER key and then change the Max Queue size to one number higher or lower than the original setting. (Valid values are from 1 to 14. See User’s Guide for more information.)
  3. Press the ENTER key to save the new Max Queue Size.
  4. Press the PrevMenu key to leave the PLOT MANAGEMENT MENU.
  5. Turn OFF the plotter using the on/off switch and then turn the plotter back ON.
The plotter will take a little longer then usual to turn on because it will repartition the 40 MB Hard Disk Drive. The end result is a Hard Drive that is no longer fragmented. If you prefer your previous Max Queue Size setting versus the new one, repeat Steps 1 through 5.
Model 240 Plotter
There is no easy way to Defragment the hard disk drive. Instead, the Drive will need to be reformatted to try to resolve this problem. To reformat the drive, proceed with the following procedure:
  1. Turn the HP 7600 Series Electrostatic Plotter OFF.
  2. Set the RESERVED dip switch to ON and the RS-232-C dip switch to OFF.
  3. Disconnect the external computer interface cable from the VRC.
  4. Turn the plotter ON.
  5. Press the PLOT button on the front panel of the plotter until the BUSY LED is ON and the RESET and MEDIA LEDs are OFF.
  6. Press the RESET button to begin the disk format process.
  7. At this point, all of the front panel LEDs will be flashing. This is a warning that the disk drive is about to be formatted and all data on the disk including the demo plot will be lost.
  8. Press the Reset button one more time to proceed with the disk format process.
During the complete Disk Format Process, the BUSY, RESET, and MEDIA LEDs will remain ON. At the end of the test (approximately 20 minutes) these LEDs will turn OFF and the ON-LINE LED will turn on steadily. If an error occurs, the plotter will show a standard error indication.
If none of the above solutions resolve the problem, arrange for HP Service by calling (800) 633-3600.
The two most common reasons that this is happens are communication problems or the plotter’s hard disk drive has become corrupt or fragmented.