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HP Laser, LaserJet, LaserJet Tank Printers - 'Printer Cooling' message displays

An HP Laser, LaserJet, or LaserJet Tank printer slows or pauses printing and lights on the printer might blink. A Printer cooling in progress or Cooling down error message displays on the printer software, Embedded Web Server (EWS), or HP Smart app.


Do not turn off the printer while the printer is cooling.

This condition occurs when the printer is too hot to continue printing. Cool down mode does not damage the printer, and the printer automatically resumes printing when cooling is complete.

HP Laser, LaserJet, or LaserJet Tank printers might need to cool down because of high-quality printing, poor ventilation, or large print jobs. Use these tips to improve printer performance or lessen cool down time:

  • Place the printer in a cool area with good air flow. Make sure that the printer is in a well-ventilated location away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

  • Change printer settings. When you do not need to print in detail, change the Print Quality setting to Draft.