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HP LaserJet Pro 4001-4004, MFP 4101-4104 - 13.03 jam error tray 2

Use the following procedure to check for paper in all possible jam locations related to Tray 2.

Recommended action for customers

  • 13.03 jam error in tray 2

  1. Remove the tray from the printer.

    Remove the tray
  2. Remove the paper from the tray, and discard any damaged paper.

    Remove jammed paper
  3. Verify that the rear paper guide is adjusted to the indentation for the correct paper size. If necessary, pinch the release and move the rear paper guide to the correct position. It should click into place.

    Verify paper length guide is correct
  4. Load the paper into the tray. Make sure that the stack is flat at all four corners and that the top of the stack is below the maximum-height indicators.

    Load paper into tray
  5. Reinsert and close the tray.

    Close the tray
  6. Press the front door release button.

    Press front door release button
  7. Open the front door.

    Open front door
  8. Remove the toner cartridge.

    Remove toner cartridge
  9. Lift the jam-access cover.

    Lift jam-access cover
  10. Remove any jammed paper.

    Remove jammed paper
  11. Install the toner cartridge.

    Install toner cartridge
  12. Close the front door.

    Close front door
  13. Ensure the type and quality of the paper being used meets the HP specifications for the printer.

  14. If the error persists, clean the tray 2 pickup and feed rollers.


    A SFP printer is shown in this section. However, the procedure is correct for all printer models.

    1. Remove tray 2 and locate the paper tray rollers.

      The rollers and pad are checked
    2. Clean the rollers by gently wiping them with a damp, lint-free cloth.

    3. If needed for better access to the rollers, carefully rotate the printer backward.


      To avoid damage to the rear cassette cover, keep it in the closed position

      Tilt the printer backward

      Tilt the printer backward
    4. Continue rotate the printer backward until it rests on the rear cover, bottom-side face forward.


      MFP printers only: The document feeder is not captive and can unexpectedly open when the printer is tilted backward.

      Place the printer bottom-side face forward

      Place the printer bottom-side face forward
    5. Use a damp, lint-free cloth to gently clean the rollers by wiping them with a back and forth motion.


      The roller in the tray (cassette) can be cleaned without removing it from the tray.

      CAUTION: Do not touch the spongy portion of the roller. Skin oils on the roller can cause paper handling problems. HP recommends washing your hands before handling the assembly.

      Clean the rollers

      Clean the rollers
    6. Carefully rotate the printer forward to position it back on its base. Reinstall the tray 2 paper tray.

  15. Perform a test print from tray 2 to see if the issue is resolved.

  16. If the error persists, contact your HP-authorized service or support provider, or contact customer support at