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HP PCs - Cannot share screen or use webcam, microphone in Oasis Gaming

HP released a security update on Friday, July 23, 2021 for OMEN Oasis. The update might introduce a version compatibility conflict and cause the app to not function when older app versions are mixed with newer app versions in the same Oasis Gaming Watch Party.


The issue affects everyone in an Oasis party when someone in the party has the old version and someone else has the new version. It is a compatibility issue between two different security versions. Therefore, the person calling support might have the latest (good) version, but someone else in the party might still be using an older version.

Because of this version compatibility conflict, the following issues might occur when joining a party in Oasis:

  • Party members cannot see each other from the webcam.

  • Party members cannot conduct audio chat through the mic and might hear a strange noise.

  • Party members see a blank screen instead of the shared screen.

Affected versions of Oasis Gaming

See the following list of Oasis Gaming versions that are affected.

These are the old versions that cause a conflict when used in a party with people using the new versions:

  • 1.3.123

  • 1.3.129

  • 1.3.137

  • Versions prior to 1.3.123

These are the new versions that introduce the compatibility issue when used in a party with older versions:

  • 1.4.188

  • 1.5.3

  • Versions later than 1.5.3

Verify which version you have by clicking the i icon in the left navigation bar of the app:

I icon in the left navigation bar of the Oasis Gaming app

Or, if the app is not open, open the Start menu, right-click Oasis, and then click App settings. If necessary, click More to see App settings. The version is displayed.

Update Oasis to the latest version

To update the app, you can go directly to the Oasis page in the Microsoft Store and complete the following instructions. Or, you can uninstall Oasis, and then reinstall it from either the Oasis tab or Oasis tile in OMEN Gaming Hub.

  • Anyone in the Oasis party using a version prior to 1.3.137 must update Oasis.

  • Everyone in the Oasis party must have version 1.4.188 or later.

  1. Search for and open Microsoft Store.

  2. Click the More menu icon in the upper-right corner, and then select Downloads and updates.

  3. Click Oasis to go to the store page. Or, go directly to the Oasis page.

    You can update the app.

  4. You might need to select the Play icon to start the app, or to select the More menu icon next to the blue UPDATE or INSTALL button on the store page to start the update.

    The update might take several minutes.