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HP PCs - HP product recycling

Since 1992, HP has focused on specific environmental issues through the Design for Environment (DfE) program. The program focuses on optimizing the characteristics of products, processes, and facilities to recommend environmental improvements.

Environmental priorities include:

  • Energy efficiency: Reduce the energy needed to manufacture and use our products.

  • Materials innovation: Reduce the amount of material used in our products and develop materials that have less environmental impact and more value at end-of-life.

  • Design for recyclability: Design equipment that is easier to upgrade and/or recycle.


Most HP products include a sticker or printed image indicating that the product is recyclable. Some products might qualify for HP product recycling even if the image or sticker is not included. For details specific to your product and location, see the Product Return and Recycling page.

Discover how you can help the environment and recycle HP equipment and supplies by visiting for more information.

Does HP have a recycling program?

Yes, HP has award winning recycling and environmental practices around the world.

From the materials and packaging to energy efficient use and final product recycling, HP considers the environmental impact of the design of each product. Product return and recycling programs are available world wide.

HP promotes environmentally and socially responsible recycling of HP products and supplies. Recycling of used product has increased dramatically since 1987. Visit for more information.

What recycling programs are available? Will HP recycle my PC for free?

Recycling programs depend on your country/region. HP may have more than one recycling program. One of those recycling programs might include free recycling.

To find out which recycling programs are available for you, visit Scroll down the page and select your country from the menu under the Recycle tab. A list of recycling options for your country displays.

The following sections explain some of the recycling options. Not all recycling options are available in each country.

  • HP Ink and Cartridges: HP has various recycling options for used home office equipment. From the list of recycling options in your country, select Consumer and home office equipment. Your country-specific website provides the information you need to recycle, including free drop-off options in many countries.

  • Business Assets: HP Recycling Services create custom recycling programs for business customers including asset destruction and disposal. Responsibly recycling old and obsolete equipment is a concern for businesses of all sizes. Incorrect disposal of electronics may harm the environment, while improper handling methods could put private data and company reputation at risk.

    HP provides a secure and responsible way to retire business assets. In many countries, HP customers can work with HP to develop a solution that meets their security and sustainability needs. To learn more, select Business equipment from the list of recycling options in your country.

  • HP Large Format Media: HP also has a program to recycle batteries from notebooks and smartphones. From the list of recycling options in your country, select Batteries from notebooks and smartphones to learn more.

  • Packaging Material: In some areas, HP provides free recycling of packaging material shipped with hardware. This program is for packaging that cannot be recycled through your locally available resources. From the list of recycling options in your country, select HP Product Packaging to learn more.

Can I trade in or get money back for my old PC or tablet?

Offers become available regularly to trade in various computer products.

From the webpage, select the Trade In tab, and then click Used equipment for credit toward new HP products or go directly to the Global Promotion Services page. From this page you can select your country and explore options for Trade-In, Cashback, Incentives, Buy & Try, or Warranty.

If your PC or tablet has no market value, HP directs you to a recycling center. From the webpage, select the Return for cash tab, and then select your region from the dropdown menu. Click Go to see a selection of return for cash options for your region.

Can I donate my PC or tablet?

Donating a used computer can help your local community and might provide you with certain tax benefits depending on your country/region.

There are many local charities world wide that accept electronic equipment as donations. You may want to investigate local charities in your area to learn more about their operations and to see if they accept computer donations.

If you live in the United States, HP can help you donate your computer through the National Cristina Foundation. To learn more about donating your computer in the United States and the tax benefits of doing so, go to the webpage, select the Donate tab, and then click Unneeded US equipment to a charity or school.

How do I erase or clean personal files off my PC or tablet?

HP is not responsible for any data that is left on PCs or tablets. HP recommends that you back up your data (personal files, documents, pictures, videos, etc) and then erase all data before recycling your device. If your data is not removed from the PC or tablet, files or data might be accessible to others.

Deleting the files through Windows or reformatting the hard drive does not provide enough protection. There are a variety of software applications available to permanently delete data from a PC or tablet, which can be downloaded from the internet or purchased at a retailer.

HP can work with you to create a customized solution for data destruction. Certificates of Destruction, verifying that products were destroyed through the recycling process and that the data on the products cannot be accessed by anyone else, is available on request. Learn more about data destruction by going to the webpage. Select the Destroy tab, and then click Data on hard drives or other media.

What if I forget to remove my confidential data from my PC or tablet before shipping it?

If you have not arranged with HP to destroy your data, HP is not responsible for any data that is left on the hard drive.

You should remove any data from the hard drive prior to shipment. Simply deleting files or reformatting the hard drive does not completely eliminate all your data. There are many open source data wiping programs that you can use to remove your data.