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HP Printers - Used, Refilled, or Counterfeit ink cartridge message

One of the following messages (or similar) displays and the printer does not print. They indicate refilled or counterfeit cartridges are installed, but can also display when genuine HP cartridges are depleted or almost depleted.

  • Used, Refilled, or Counterfeit ink cartridge Detected

  • Counterfeit ink cartridge Advisory

HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges. HP recommends using genuine HP ink or toner supplies available from the HP Store. Go to HP Anti Counterfeiting and Fraud Program for more information on using authentic HP cartridges.

If the error displays with genuine HP cartridges, select No, OK, or Continue. If the print job completes, the issue is resolved but you might need to dismiss the message every time you print until the cartridges are depleted. Otherwise continue with these steps to resolve the issue.

Reset the printer

Reset the printer to recover from printer errors or failures.

  1. If your printer has a rechargeable battery, remove it.

  2. Press the power button to turn off the printer. If the printer does not turn off, disconnect the power cord from the printer.

  3. Unplug the power cord from the power source.

  4. Wait 60 seconds.

  5. Connect the power cord directly to a wall outlet and to the printer.

  6. Turn on the printer to complete the reset.

Replace the problem ink cartridge

Installing a new cartridge can resolve ink-related errors.

  1. Obtain a replacement cartridge.

    • Printer is enrolled in Instant Ink. Replacement cartridges are part of your subscription. If you have another Instant Ink cartridge on hand, install it. Otherwise, contact HP Instant Ink support for a new cartridge.

    • Printer is NOT enrolled in Instant Ink. Go to the HP Store or a local retailer to find and purchase compatible supplies. HP recommends genuine HP cartridges.


      If you have a defective HP cartridge, it might be under warranty. Go to About Original HP Cartridges for page yield and HP Limited Warranty information.

  2. Open the door or lid to the cartridge access area. Wait until the carriage stops moving before continuing.

  3. Remove the cartridge indicated in the error message, and then insert the new cartridge into the slot.

  4. Repeat these steps to replace any other cartridges indicated in the error message.

  5. Close the door or lid to the cartridge access area, and then follow any instructions to align the printer.