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Samsung Laser Printers - Paper Misfed

The following might cause a paper to be misfed:
  • Debris in the feeding area or paper tray.
  • Paper is not correctly placed in the tray.
  • Paper is not standard sized paper.
Try the following to resolve:
  1. Power the printer off and unplug it.
  2. Remove the paper tray.
    Figure : Paper tray
  3. Make sure no debris is blocking the paper pathway.
  4. Remove the paper from the tray and verify if its standard paper.
    1. If not standard, adjust the tray per the paper size or use the manual feeder.
    2. If the paper is standard, go to the next step.
    Figure : Tray adjustment
  5. Fan and flex the paper, then place the paper back in the tray.
    Figure : Fan and flex
  6. Insert the paper tray.
  7. Plug the printer in and power it on to resume printing.
If the problem persists, go to