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HP Designjet T1100 and T1120 MFP Series Products - Connect to a network

Connect to a network

These actions will make your system recognizable to others on the network.
If the administrator password has been setup and activated, you will be prompted for it before being able to make the network settings.
  1. Connect the RJ45 network cable to the ethernet port at the back of your touch screen.
  2. Check your network settings.
  3. Files to be shared across the network should be placed in the D:\images folder. Once a file is saved to this folder, it can be accessed throughout the network, from any computer running any operating system; see how do I access shared files.
  4. You will probably want to connect your printer to the same network. See your printer's documentation for further information.
With the HP Designjet Scan Software 1.1 (or later) you cannot access the Internet from the scanner system, nor can you access shared folders on other computers.