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HP Designjet 30 and 130 Series Printers - How to Produce Photo Quality Prints Using Adobe Photoshop


This document describes only one way of managing color with RGB images in order to obtain excellent photographic images. This flow and the settings shown can be used as a working guide.
Tips for Printing from this application and other applications are available at the Large Format Printing Knowledge Center at the following URL: https://h41186.www4.hp.com/country/us/en/LFP/index.html?pageseq=199471.

Perform a color calibration

Performing a color calibration ensures color consistency between prints and from printer to printer.
  1. Click the Color Calibration desktop icon; refer to the user’s manual for further information on this feature.
  2. Select the printer you are working with.
    Figure : Printer selection
  3. Choose the media type and the print quality desired and then run the color calibration.
    Figure : Color calibration window

Configure Adobe PhotoShop's color settings

  1. Open the PhotoShop application.
  2. In Windows, go to Edit and then Color Settings. In Mac OS X, go to PhotoShop and then Color Settings.
  3. Select AdobeRGB 1998 as the default working space.
    Figure : Color settings window
  4. Make sure the Advanced Mode check box is ticked. Select Perceptual as the desired intent and select Accept.

Open the RGB image with Adobe PhotoShop

  1. If the image has an embedded ICC profile, select Accept.
  2. Otherwise, select Assign working RGB: AdobeRGB.
    Figure : Missing profile window

Soft-Proofing, optional

If your monitor is color calibrated you can activate Soft-proofing. This feature allows you to see on-screen the color that you will get from the printer and could highlight potential problems with color. Refer to the PhotoShop user’s guide for more information.

Send to print

  1. Go to File and then Print with Preview (or Print Options for earlier versions of PhotoShop) and then select Show more options.
  2. Select Color Management from the drop-down menu. In the area under Source Space select Document.
  3. In the area under Print Space in the Profile drop-down menu select the profile that corresponds with the media and print quality you want to see.
  4. In the area under Print Space in the Intent drop-down menu select Perceptual.
    Figure : Print options window

Windows driver, accessing the printer options

  1. Select Print and then select the HP Designjet 30/130 series printer.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Go to the Paper/Quality tab.
  4. In Paper Type select the same media type and quality as selected in the previous steps.
  5. Select the Color tab.
  6. In Color Options select Manual.
  7. In Color matching Method select Managed by Application.
    Figure : Properties window

Macintosh driver, accessing the printer options

  1. Go to the Paper Type/Quality tab.
  2. In the Paper type drop-down menu, select the same media type as in previous steps.
  3. For Quality select Best.
  4. Change the Color option to Application managed colors.
    Figure : Printer settings
  5. Select Print.






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