HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with Battery
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HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with Battery

HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with Battery

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Typical locations you may find a serial number on your product:
  • Back of product
  • Under the battery
  • For laptops, press  Fn + Esc
  • For desktops, press Ctrl + Alt + s
  • For Chromebooks, on the sign in screen, press Alt + v
  • On the barcode

Product specifications

HP ElitePad
Dimensions (W x D x H)
269.2 x 204.6 x 17.5 mm
450 g(Jacket and Battery
Manufacturer Warranty
One-year HP limited warranty.
What's in the box
HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with Battery; Documentation
Footnote [01]
[1] HP testing conducted by HP consisting of full battery discharge while running a series of productivity scripts against the following applications (which may or may not be included with your particular product): Adobe ® Acrobat Reader 7.0, Adobe® Illustrator® CS2, Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, Apple® Quicktime 7.1, Intervideo® WinDVD® 8, Macromedia® Flash 8, Microsoft® Office® 2003 Pro, Microsoft® Project 2003, and Winzip® 10.0. Before testing, the system was fully charged, display brightness was set at 60 nits, wireless was turned off, and auto dim, suspend, hibernate and all other programs, utilities, and services not essential to running the computer system or battery life test were disabled.