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Sprout by HP - How to Capture an Image with Sprout by HP

Use the Capture feature to take a picture of an object, a document, or a photo on the touch mat. Use the following steps to get the best capture of your item.
  1. On the touch mat, touch Capture.
    Figure : Capture button on the Sprout workspace
    Capture on Sprout Home Screen
  2. Place the item for capture on the touch mat using the following guidelines.
    • Face your objects towards the monitor so the camera gets the best capture.
    • Place the object close to the center of the mat. Taller objects (one-half inch or more) should be placed away from the touch mat edges for best image capture results. The captured image may be cut off in areas that are close to the edge of touch mat.
    • If capturing multiple objects, make sure you have ample space between objects and that the shadows do not touch, so they are seen as two separate objects rather than one conjoined object.
    • When capturing metal objects, touch Capture first and then place the item on the mat. If a metal item is placed on the mat before the Capture button is pressed, Sprout may register it as a touch on the mat, and the Capture button might not work.
    • When capturing many objects at the same time, it will take longer to completely process the capture.
  3. Tap Object scan and then tap Capture.
    In just a few seconds, a digital image of the object appears on both the mat and the vertical screen.
    Figure : Capturing an object
    Tapping the Capture button
  4. A small thumbnail of the object displays in the upper-left corner of the vertical screen. You can use the buttons on the thumbnail to copy the scan to the clipboard or delete it.
    Figure : Thumbnail of object capture
    Thumbnail of object capture
  5. Make sure that you like the captured image displayed on the screen, and then remove the object from the touch mat.
  6. Sprout can crop images such as a photo or document to save a portion of the scanned item. To do this, touch the Crop tool on the left, and adjust the crop points.
    Figure : Cropping a scanned photo
    Cropping a photo
    Tap Add new Capture or Done capturing to save all changes.
    If you tap Add new Capture, the thumbnail in the upper left is updated with your cropped image.
    Figure : Thumbnail of cropped image
    Cropped image
  7. Sprout can straighten rectangular objects to the correct position if they were scanned incorrectly. To straighten a crooked item after scanning, touch the Skew tool on the left. Then touch the Skew button that appears in the center of the captured item on the touch mat. The item is automatically straightened.
    Figure : Straightening a scan
    Straightening a scan
    Tap Add new Capture or Done capturing to save all changes.
    If you tap Add new Capture, the thumbnail in the upper left is updated with your straightened image.
    Figure : Thumbnail of straightened item
    Thumbnail of straightened item
  8. To scan another item, tap Add New Capture, place your item on the mat, and then tap Capture.
    Figure : Adding a new capture
    Adding a new capture
    A small thumbnail of the object is added to the images in the upper-left corner of the vertical screen.
    Figure : Capturing additional items
    Capturing additional items
  9. When you are finished capturing items, tap Done Capturing.
    Figure : Done capturing
    Done capturing
  10. Your captured image is saved in the Images section of Gallery for use anytime.
    Figure : Captured images saved in the Gallery
    Captured image saved in Images

Removing empty space enclosed within objects

The Sprout Workspace does not remove empty space enclosed within objects. These areas are filled with white and cannot be removed in the Sprout Workspace.
Figure : Enclosed areas that were not removed
Enclosed areas that were not removed
The white areas can be removed manually using the following steps:
  1. Tap the captured image on the touch mat.
  2. Select Edit from the command menu (displayed on the right side of the touch mat).
  3. Select the Punch tool.
    Figure : Selecting the Punch tool
    Selecting the Punch tool
  4. Various generic shapes are displayed on the left-side of the touch mat; select one of the generic shapes and place it on top of the captured image.
    Figure : Selecting a Punch shape
    Selecting a Punch shape
  5. Adjust the shape to match the area to be removed, then save it.
  6. Tap on the white area to be removed.
  7. Select Delete on the right side of the touch mat to delete the area.






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