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Using HP Utility with an HP printer (macOS)

The HP Utility software for macOS provides printer information and management tools, such as ink or toner levels, connection settings, and maintenance and diagnostic tasks.


As of 2020, Mac full feature drivers with HP Utility are no longer available for most consumer HP printers. As an alternative to HP Utility, use the HP Smart app to set up and manage your printer, or use Mac's built-in print driver for basic printing and scanning tasks.

  1. On your Mac, click the Spotlight icon to search for and open Printers & Scanners.

  2. Select the name of your printer, click Options & Supplies, and then click Open Printer Utility on the Utility tab.

    If the Utility tab is missing, go to to download HP Easy Start and install the full feature print drivers. If HP Smart is the only driver available, HP Utility is unavailable for your printer.

  3. Review the menu options available in the HP Utility menu bar.


    Available settings and features vary by printer model and country/region.

    Example of the HP Utility menu bar
    • Devices tab: Lists connected printers and their status.

    • All Settings tab: Printer-specific information and tools.

      • Supplies Status: Estimated ink or toner levels for each cartridge.

      • Supply Info: View cartridge model numbers and replacement options.

      • Device Information: View the printer name, number, driver version, and connection type.

      • Align: Prints a cartridge alignment page, which is recommended after replacing the cartridges or to improve print quality.

      • Clean Back of Page Smear: An automated tool that cleans the printer parts to help resolve ink or toner smears.

      • Clean Printheads: An automated tool that cleans the printheads and improves print quality.

      • Paper Feed Cleaning: An automated tool that cleans the paper path rollers and fixes paper feed and print quality issues.

      • Print Quality Diagnostics: Prints a test page that identifies ink or toner quality issues.

      • Test: A diagnostic tool that tests the printer connection and print quality by printing an alignment and print quality page.

      • Message Center: View any printer errors, warnings, or cartridge supply notifications.

      • Auto-Off: When enabled, it turns the printer off automatically after a set amount of time.

      • Network Settings: Helps you configure or change the network settings.

      • Wireless Setup: Provides guided wireless printer setup and how to change a USB connection to wireless.

      • Scan to Computer: Enables the Scan to Computer feature for HP Easy Scan or the printer control panel.

    • HP Support tab: Provides online troubleshoot and support information.

    • Supplies tab: Find and order HP printer supplies online.

    • Registration tab: Register your printer online.

    • Recycling tab: Find printer and cartridge recycling information.

    • Product Improvement tab: An anonymous research program for HP customers.