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HP LaserJet Pro 4001-4004, MFP 4101-4104 - Load and print envelopes

Review the following information about loading and printing envelopes.


The following information describes how to load and print envelopes.

Use only Tray 1 to print on envelopes. Tray 1 holds up to 10 envelopes.

To print envelopes using the manual feed option, follow these steps to select the correct settings in the print driver, and then load the envelopes into the tray after sending the print job to the printer.

In addition to the instructions provided below, you can view the following video of how to load and print envelopes.

Print envelopes

To print envelopes, follow these steps.

  1. From the software program, select the Print option.

  2. Select the printer from the list of printers, and then click or tap the Properties or Preferences button to open the print driver.


    The name of the button varies for different software programs.

  3. Click or tap the Paper/Quality tab.

  4. In the Paper size drop-down list, select the correct size for the envelopes.

  5. In the Paper type drop-down list, select Envelope.

  6. In the Paper source drop-down list, select Manual feed.

  7. Click the OK button to close the Document Properties dialog box.

  8. In the Print dialog box, click the Print button to print the job.

Envelope orientation

When loading envelopes, load them according to the information in the following table.

Envelope orientation


How to load

Tray 1


Short, postage-end leading into the printer

Load envelope face-up