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HP Paper compatibility for HP inkjet and LaserJet printers

HP consumer printers support a wide variety of paper types and sizes. For best print quality, it is important to print with paper designed for your printer and for the print job type.

If you are printing a photo, using HP Photo Paper can produce premium colors and finishes. HP Photo Paper is designed to print with inkjet printers. If you have a LaserJet printer, choose a glossy or matte HP Business Paper, depending on the finish you need.

If you are printing a business document, using HP Business Paper can produce high-quality professional printouts for your office or customers. Most HP Business Paper is designed specifically for either inkjet printers or LaserJet printers. In some cases, the paper is compatible with both printer types.

Purchase HP printer and multipurpose paper from HP Store - Inkjet and laser printer paper or local retailers.


Since 2016, HP Papers have been derived from recycled or certified sources, and we continue to help counteract deforestation from the fiber of non-HP paper. Learn more.