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HP Photosmart Printers - CD/DVD Printing Tray Accessory Guide

This document is for the following HP printers released before 2010 that have a special printing tray for CDs and DVDs:
Photosmart C5200 Printer series
Photosmart D5400 Printer series
Photosmart C5500 Printer series
Photosmart D7560 Printer
Photosmart D5100 Printer series
Photosmart Premium C309a and C309c Printers
Photosmart D5300 Printer series
Some HP Photosmart printers released prior to 2010 have a special CD/DVD holder and tray for printing directly onto a disc. To support this accessory, the driver packages included Roxio Express Labeler, HP Photosmart Essential, or HP Photosmart Studio design software. Unfortunately, these programs are no longer supported in newer operating systems. If you have one of these programs installed on a computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier, continue with these steps to use the tray.
If you do not have one of these printer models, go to HP Printers - Printing Labels for Addresses, CDs, DVDs, and More for other options to print CD/DVD labels.

Step 1: Load the disc into the CD/DVD holder

Place the disc in the CD/DVD holder and insert it into the printer's CD/DVD tray.
  1. Obtain CDs or DVDs that have a printable surface. For better results, record the data on to the disc before printing.
  2. Move the printer so that the rear side is at least 7.5 cm (3 in) away from any wall or objects. While printing on the disc, the CD/DVD holder protrudes from the rear of the printer by that distance.
  3. Pull the CD/DVD tab to remove the CD/DVD holder from the storage area below the main tray.
    Figure : Remove the CD/DVD holder from under the main tray
    Remove the CD/DVD holder from under the main tray
  4. Place the CD or DVD print-side up on the ring on the CD/DVD holder, and then snap it into place.
    Figure : Load the disc into CD/DVD holder
    Load the disc into CD/DVD holder
    If you are using a small disc, snap it into place on the holder, and then flip the CD/DVD holder ring over the disc.
    Figure : Flip the CD/DVD holder ring over for small discs
    Flip the CD/DVD holder ring over for small discs
  5. Lower the CD/DVD tray. The CD/DVD tray sits on top of the output tray sits on top of the main tray in its lowered position.
    Figure : Lower the CD/DVD tray
    Lower the CD/DVD tray
  6. Push the CD/DVD holder into position in the CD/DVD tray until the lines on the holder match up with the lines on the tray.
    Figure : Insert the CD/DVD holder into the tray
    Insert the CD/DVD holder into the tray

Step 2: Print on the CD or DVD

Use one of the following software programs to design the label, depending on if HP Photosmart Essential or Studio is available in the All Programs or Applications > HP folder, or if there is an All Programs > Roxio folder on your computer.






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