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HP Designjet 100, 110, 120 and 130 Series Printers - Paper Pick Issues

The printer is experiencing paper pick issues when trying to print. The information below provides some simple guidelines to help prevent or eliminate paper pick problems.
  1. When loading from the front path (from the output tray), do not stack paper. When loading from the output tray, load only one paper at the time.
  2. When loading from the front path (from the output tray), as it is stated in the User's Guide, make sure to push the paper as far as it will go. This will ensure that the paper will be picked-up once the OK key has been pressed.
  3. When loading paper, no matter if it is from the input tray, from the output tray, or from the rear, make sure to ALWAYS load in portrait mode (short edge first). Never load in landscape mode (long edge first).
  4. IMPORTANT: when inserting the input tray, makes sure that:
    1. The input tray is inserted straight, parallel to the paper axis.
    2. The input tray is fully inserted, as shown below.
Figure : Tray not fully inserted
Figure : Tray inserted correctly