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HP Designjet 700 Series Printers - Front Panel Messages

This is a list of all possible messages in the front-panel display. They are listed in alphabetical order.
Numerical system error codes are not included in the following list. To troubleshoot numerical system error codes, contact HP with unit serial number, model number, and the error code.
Explanation and action
Alignment error Continue
The alignment procedure has failed. Check that an opaque medium is loaded. Press down arrow to continue and force the automatic alignment procedure again by reseating any of the print cartridges. Do not lift the window while cartridge alignment is being performed.
Calibrate error Continue
The calibration plot was loaded incorrectly and it could not be measured. Press down arrow to continue, then reload the plot for measurement. Follow front panel instructions.
Calibration done Continue
Accuracy calibration is complete. Press down arrow to continue.
Close roll cover Continue
Rewind the media to take up any slack in the roll, close the roll cover; then press down arrow to continue.
Create pattern
Measure pattern
Press up arrow to create the pattern for automatic calibration. Press down arrow to start the automatic calibration.
Edge not found Reload media
The printer could not find the edge of media during loading procedure. Check the leading edge of the media for unevenness or tears; cut a straight edge, if necessary, and reload. Be sure to position the right edge along the perforated line on the entry platen when loading.
Lift lever
Lift the lever at the right of the printer.
Load arrow edge print side down
Remove calibration plot, turn it so that the edge with arrows printed on it is print side down, then load that edge into the printer.
Load canceled remove media
You pressed Cancel while media loading was in progress. Remove media.
Explanation and action
Load error Remove media
You inserted media with the media-lever raised. Lower the lever and reload the media.
Load media to align cartridges
Load media to proceed with cartridge alignment.
Lower lever after aligning
When you have finished aligning the roll media as instructed, lower the lever at the right of the printer.
Lower lever to continue
You lifted the media lever while the processor was busy; lower it to continue.
Lower window to continue
You opened the window while the processor was busy; close it to continue.
Media too small
The media you loaded for accuracy calibration or cartridge alignment are too small. Reload appropriate media.
Mispositioned Reload roll
The roll is mispositioned. Reload media.
Mispositioned Reload sheet
The sheet is mispositioned. Remove it and reload it with the right edge no more than 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) from either side of the perforated line on the entry platen.
MIO data error
The modular interface is incorrectly configured. Press ENTER to clear the message from the front panel display. Recheck the MIO configuration settings.
Explanation and action
MIO error Communication Break
The flow of data from the computer to the printer was prematurely stopped (for example, by turning off the computer before all data are sent). Press ENTER to clear the message from the front panel display.
Open window to access cartridge(s)
Lift the window to access the cartridge(s).
Out of memory Data was lost
The current plot is too large for the printer’s buffer. Install additional memory to plot this drawing.
Pull # / Align $ edges to roll
Grasp the left and right free edges of the roll media and pull toward you until the media is taut. At the same time, align the left and right edges of the media so that they are flush with the left and right edges of the roll.
Remove media
The ink is dry. Remove the calibration plot the printer just produced. Press down arrow to continue with accuracy calibration.
Remove media Lower lever
You have attempted to load media while the lever at the right of the printer was raised. Remove the media, lower the lever, and reload media with the lever down.
Replace cartridge(s) JJJJ
The cartridge indicated has a clogged nozzle. Replace it to continue.
Reseat cartridge(s) JJJJ
The cartridge indicated is badly seated. Reseat it to continue.
Roll misaligned Reload roll
Roll media are misaligned (skewed). Reload media.
RS-232 error Baud, parity
The RS-232-C interface is configured incorrectly. Press ENTER to clear the message from the front panel display. Check the baud rate and parity settings in the front panel, in the hardware configuration, and in your software to be sure they are all compatible.
Explanation and action
Service cartridge(s) Continue
Cartridge Check is on and an error has been detected. Press the up arrow if you want to service the cartridge(s) (replace or reseat). Press the down arrow if you want to continue without servicing the cartridge(s).
Sheet load Roll load
Press up arrow to load sheet media. Press down arrow to load roll media.
Sheet misaligned Reload sheet
Sheet media are misaligned (skewed). Remove it and reload it so that the left and right edges being loaded into the printer are square. The leading edge must also be straight.
Sheet / Roll? Reload media
  • Either: You have chosen Sheet mode while loading roll media. Reload media.
  • Or: You have loaded a sheet more than 130 cm (51 inches) long. Trim sheet and reload.
STATUS Accessing cartridge(s)
You have pressed the Access cartridge(s) button. The cartridge carriage is moving to the service cartridge(s) position so you can access it.
STATUS Aligning cartridge(s)
The printer is aligning the cartridge(s).
STATUS Canceling
You have pressed the Cancel button and the printer is in the process of canceling the procedure. Continue when this message is no longer displayed.
STATUS Checking media
The printer is checking to see if media is properly positioned with respect to the perforated line of the entry platen.
STATUS Calibrating
The printer is performing calibration.
STATUS Ink drying (xx m xx s)
The ink on your plot is drying. Wait before removing the plot. If you remove it before the indicated time has passed, avoid smearing the ink.
Explanation and action
STATUS Loading roll
The printer is loading roll media.
STATUS Loading sheet
The printer is loading sheet media.
STATUS Maintenance advised
You are using the printer more intensively than the recommended duty cycle and should contact your local HP dealer or HP service engineer to arrange a service call. If you choose not to call for service, you may continue to use the printer as normal, but may encounter operational or print-quality problems.
STATUS measuring
The printer is measuring the calibration plot you just loaded.
STATUS Returning cartridge(s)
The cartridge carriage is returning to its station at the left of the printer.
STATUS Roll feed edge trim
The printer is trimming the edge of roll media.
STATUS Initializing
The printer is doing an internal check during power-up.
STATUS Out of media
The printer has received a file, is ready to print, but has no media loaded.
STATUS Printing
The printer is printing.
STATUS Printing (Special)
The printer is printing with a special print mode controlled by your software rather than by the printer.
Explanation and action
STATUS Ready for media
The printer is ready for you to load media.
The printer is ready to print.
STATUS Receiving
The printer is receiving or has received plot data.
STATUS Testing cartridge(s)
The printer is testing the cartridge(s) for problems, for example, a clogged cartridge or a bad electrical connection (improper seating).
Switch power off Check cartridge path
Turn off the printer. The cartridge carriage cannot move. The printer may be jammed with media. Check the media path and clear it if necessary. Then, turn on the printer.
Switch power off Check paper path
Turn off the printer. The drive roller cannot move or the roll feed spindle cannot freely rotate. The printer may be jammed with media. Check the media path and clear it if necessary. Then, turn on the printer.
System error XXXXXX
An internal error has occurred and a system error number is displayed. Press ENTER; this may clear the error and allow you to continue. If you cannot continue, turn off the printer, then turn it on again. If you still see the system error message, record the system error number and have the printer serviced.
Wrong cartridge type
You have loaded one or more incompatible cartridges. Replace the cartridges with those appropriate for this printer.