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HP Desktop PCs - Finding Warranty Information

This information applies to HP and Compaq Desktop PCs, and HP TouchSmart and All-In-One PCs.
This document describes how to find warranty and support information for your desktop computer.
The hardware warranty for desktop computers varies depending on geographical region, country, and product model. You may find the expressly provided HP Limited Warranty applicable to your product with the electronic guides on your computer and/or on the CD/DVD provided in the box. Some countries/regions may provide a printed HP Limited Warranty in the box. To find warranty information for your computer, use the methods in this document.

How do I find my model number or product number?

If you need assistance locating your HP Desktop model number or serial number before checking your warranty status, please refer to the following document: HP Desktop PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? (in English)

Use HP Product Warranty Check

The HP Product Warranty Check site provides current warranty status, category and warranty end date based on the serial number and product number.

This video shows how to find warranty information on the HP Support website

  1. Using the Internet Explorer web browser, go to the Check Your Warranty (in English) Web page.
    This page might not display properly in other browsers.
  2. On the form, select your country, enter your serial number (s/n) and product number (p/n), and then click Submit.
    Refer to How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? (in English) for instructions on how to find your serial number and product number.
  3. The warranty information is displayed on the browser. If your computer is still under warranty, a list of online support options displays below the warranty information.
    Figure : HP Product Warranty Check status results
    Image of status on HP Product Warranty Check page
    (United States) If your warranty is about to expire, HP offers a wide range of extended service plans for HP desktop computers. Information about these extended plans are displayed at the HP Total Care Web page. The HP Total Care site displays information on how to buy an extended service plan that fits your needs. Also on HP Total Care Web site, if you have already purchased an extended service plan, get answers to your questions by viewing the service terms and conditions for the plan that you purchased.

Use HP Support Assistant (not available on all computers)

You can use the HP Support Assistant to find warranty information about your computer. Download the HP Support Assistant application from the HP Self-Support Options Web page.
In Windows 8:
  1. To search apps for HP Support Assistant, press the Windows + Q keys .
  2. Type HP Support Assistant into the Search field.
  3. Click the HP Support Assistant icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. In the HP Support Assistant window, click My computer.
    Figure : HP Support Assistant
    Image of My computer selection in HP Support Assistant
  5. On the My computer window, click the radio button next to the desired privacy option [example: Yes, I agree to send this data whenever HP Support Assistant checks my Warranty status (recommended)].
  6. Click Check warranty now.
    Figure : Check warranty now in HP Support Assistant
    Image of Check warranty now selection under Warranty and services in HP Support Assistant with first radio button selected.
    Support Assistant begins checking for warranty information.
    Figure : HP Support Assistant warranty check
    Image of HP Support Assistant checking warranty status
    The HP Support Assistant window opens, displaying warranty information for your computer.
    Figure : Completed warranty check
    Image of Warranty and services window displaying warranty information
In Windows 7 and some earlier operating systems::
If your computer has the HP Support Assistant tool and the icon is on your desktop or Windows taskbar, click the icon, then click the Troubleshoot box, and then Warranty and Services.
To find the HP Support Assistant on your computer, use the following steps:
  1. To open this tool, click Start , then All Programs.
  2. Click HP Help and Support, then HP Support Assistant.
  3. Click the arrows next to Continue on the Welcome screen.
    Figure : HP Support Assistant Welcome screen
    Image of the HP Support Assistant Welcome screen with Continue highlighted.
  4. Click the Troubleshoot box.
    Figure : Troubleshoot
    Image of the HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT with Troubleshoot highlighted.
  5. Click the Warranty and Services box.
    Figure : Warranty and Services box
    Image of Warranty and Services box
    Wait while the Warranty and Services information loads.
    Figure : Warranty and Services information
    Image of screen showing Warranty and Services information

Find warranty information on the computer

Use one of the following methods to locate the warranty information on your computer. The warranty information may no longer be available on the computer if the original operating system and software has been changed.
In Windows 8:
  1. To search apps, press the Windows + Q keys .
  2. Type Warranty into the Search field.
  3. Click the HP Warranty icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
    A PDF with warranty information opens.
    Figure : Example of HP warranty document
    Image of an HP warranty PDF
In Windows 7 and some earlier operating systems:
  • Click Start , then click All Programs, then Warranty.
  • Click Start , then click Help and Support Warranty and Services.






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