HP Removable Hard Drive Enclosures
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HP Removable Hard Drive Enclosures

HP Removable Hard Drive Enclosures

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Product specifications

Product name
HP Removable Hard Drive Enclosures
Country of origin
Operating temperature range
0 to 60ºC
K0Q18A, F2A76A, F2A77A, F2A81A, F2A78A, F2A79A, F2A80A, B5L46A, B5L47A, B5L54A, B5L48A, B5L49A, B5L50A, L2762A, L2763A, J7Z09A, J7Z10A, J7Z11A, J7Z12A, Z5G75A, J7Z13A, J7Z08A, Z5G79A, J7Z14A, Z5G76A, Z5G77A, J7Z03A, 2LF96A, J7Z07A, J7Z05A, Z5G78A, 2CF56A, 2CF58A, 2CF57A, 2CF59A, 2CF60A, 2GP04A, X3A60A, X3A59A, X3A63A, X3A62A, X3A66A, X3A65A, X3A69A, X3A68A, X3A72A, X3A71A, X3A75A, X3A74A, X3A78A, X3A77A, X3A81A, X3A80A, X3A84A, X3A83A, X3A87A, X3A86A, X3A90A, X3A89A, X3A93A, X3A92A, 2GP07A, 2GP10A, 2GP13A, 2GP16A, 2GP05A, 2GP08A, 2GP11A, 2GP14A, 2GP17A, J8A10A, J8A11A, J8A12A, J8A13A, L3U66A, J8A17A, L3U70A, J8J63A, J8J64A, J8J65A, J8J66A, J8J70A, J8J71A, J8J72A, J8J73A, J8J74A, J8J79A, J8J76A, J8J78A, J8J80A, B5L24A, B5L25A, B5L26A, B5L27A, B5L38A, B5L39A, F2A68A, F2A69A, F2A70A, F2A71A, F2A66A, F2A67A, J7Z98A, J7Z99A, L3U55A, J8A04A, J8A05A, J8A06A, L3U56A, K0Q14A, K0Q15A, M0P33A, K0Q17A, K0Q19A, K0Q16A, M0P35A, M0P36A, K0Q21A, K0Q22A, K0Q20A, M0P39A, M0P40A, J7Z04A, J7Z06A
Dimensions (W x D x H)
214.0 x 39.0 x 139.6 mm
0.74 kg
Manufacturer Warranty
One year; Onsite installation; Onsite repair; Next business day; Phone support 7 days a week.
What's in the box
Removable Hard Drive Enclosure; EPS Adapter Board Assembly; CPS Adapter Board Assembly; Cable; Plastic parts; Faceplate tool; Install Guide; User Guide