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Cannot install HP 953XL Black ink cartridge

An HP 953XL black ink cartridge used in an HP OfficeJet Pro 8200 or 8700 series printer either cannot be installed in its designated slot or pops out after installation.

Check cartridge installation

Check for problems with the cartridge installation and replace the cartridge if it is bad.

  1. Make sure the cartridge can be installed in the correct, color-coded slot. See the support document for the printer for more help with replacement:

  2. If the Warranty Ends date on the cartridge is 2024/02, check for a defective keyhole configuration on the end of the cartridge. Compare to the picture showing good and defective cartridges.

    Identifying good and defective cartridges

    Identifying good and defective cartridges
  3. If the cartridge cannot be installed in the correct slot or pops out after installation, return it to the retailer or Contact HP Customer Support.