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HP PCs - Configuring the webcam using HP Presence

Use HP Presence to configure settings for your webcam such as auto frame, background, and view layout.

Open HP Presence

HP Presence works with both built-in webcams and supported external webcams. You can use HP Presence to configure the webcam.

  1. In Windows, search for and open myHP.

  2. On the main myHP screen, click Video control.

    Open Video control from myHP

    A message is displayed to alert you that clicking Video control from myHP opens HP Presence in a separate window.

Configure the webcam

You can configure auto frame, background, and enhance the image from the main HP Presence window. At the top-left corner of the window, select the webcam to configure.

HP Presence main screen
  • Auto frame

    • Wide: Click Wide to adjust the frame to the widest view.

    • Portrait: Click Portrait to adjust the frame to a portrait view.

    • Tight: Click Tight to adjust the frame to a closeup view.

    • Allow multiple people on face framing: Select this option to allow more than one person to be included in the camera frame.

  • Enhance: Select Enhance to enable the settings in the Enhance section.

    • Backlight adjustment: Select this option to improve the lighting on a face when the light source is behind the subject.

    • Low light adjustment: Select this option to improve lighting conditions in low-light settings.

    • Natural tone: Select this option to adjust the tone of the image.

    • Appearance filter: Use the slider to adjust the intensity of the appearance filter.

  • Background: Select one of the preset options to display a different background.


    If you make camera settings changes in the app (like choosing a virtual background), this setting is also used by a third-party apps, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. However, in the camera settings for the third-party app, there are two cameras listed in the drop-down list. You must select HP Presence Camera from the drop-down list to see the settings that you configured in the HP Presence app.

    • Add new: Click Add new to upload a background from your computer.

  • Automatic Keystone: Click Automatic Keystone to automatically adjust the image to show something on a nonperpendicular surface.

  • Manual Keystone: Click Manual Keystone to manually adjust the image to show something on a nonperpendicular surface.

  • Rotate: Click Rotate to rotate the image.

  • Share HP Presence View: Click Share HP Presence View to share your screen.

  • Save a PDF: Click Save a PDF to save a PDF copy of the image.

  • Snap Photo: Click Snap Photo to capture a screenshot of the image.

  • Start Recording: Click Start Recording to save a recording of a meeting.

  • Start Livestream: Click Start Livestream to start a meeting.

  • Be Right Back: Click Be Right Back to pause the recording.

  • Hide Menu: Click Hide Menu to collapse the option menu on the right.

  • Auto: Click the Auto drop-down menu to choose the dpi for the screen.

  • Restore Default Settings: Click Restore Default Settings to restore all default settings.

Mixer option

Use the Mixer option to create a multiview screen configuration.

Mixer option for HP Presence

Select a layout from the Layouts section on the Mixer tab to show more than one screen.

Auto camera

The Auto camera option enables you to select which camera is the default if you have more than one camera connected.

In the Select Auto Camera Sources section, select a camera to be the default camera when you open HP Presence.