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HP printers - Scan with HP Scan and Capture (Windows)

Install HP Scan and Capture to scan, edit, and share items with a Windows computer.


As of May 1, 2024, the HP Scan and Capture app is no longer available (retired) in the Microsoft Store and HP is not releasing any further app updates. Alternatively, you can download HP Smart from the Microsoft Store. For more information on how to set up your printer using the HP Smart app, go to HP printer setup (HP Smart app).

  1. If you have not set up the printer with the full feature drivers, go to to download and install the drivers.

  2. On your computer, go to HP Scan and Capture (in English) to install the app from the Microsoft Store.

  3. After the app installs, click Launch or Open.

  4. If prompted to select a device, click Settings. Otherwise, click the Menu icon , and then click Settings.

  5. Click Select Device, and then click your printer or Camera.

    Selecting the computer camera in the HP Scan and Capture app
  6. Prepare the item to be scanned.

    • Printer scan: Place the original on the printer scanner glass (documents or photos) or into the automatic document feeder (documents only).

    • Camera scan: Place the original on a flat, well-lit surface so the computer camera can take a clear picture.

  7. Click Document Scan Options or Photo Scan Options to change any scan settings, and then click the back arrow.

  8. Click outside the Settings menu, and then click Capture Documents or Capture Photos.

  9. Adjust the borders if desired, and then click Done.

  10. Save or share your scan.

    • Save: Click the Save icon , and then choose the save location.

    • Share: Click the Menu icon , then Share, and then choose the application you want to use to share the document or photo.