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HP Customer Care offers award-winning support to ensure you get the most from your HP Designjet, providing comprehensive, proven support expertise and new technologies to give you unique end-to-end support. Services include setup and installation, troubleshooting tools, warranty upgrades, repair and exchange services, phone and Web support, software updates and self-maintenance services. To find out more about HP Customer Care, please visit us at:
To register your warranty:

HP Professional Services

Knowledge Center

Enjoy a world of dedicated services and resources to ensure you always get the best performance from your HP Designjet products and solutions.
Join the HP community at the Knowledge Center, your large-format printing community at http://www.hp.com/go/T620/knowledgecenter/ for 24×7 access to:
  • Multimedia tutorials
  • Step-by-step how-to guides
  • Downloads — the latest printer firmware, drivers, software, paper profiles, etc.
  • Technical support — online troubleshooting, customer care contacts and more
  • Workflows and detailed advice for completing various printing tasks from particular software applications
  • Forums for direct contact with the experts, both HP and your colleagues
  • Warranty tracking online, for your peace of mind
  • Latest product information — printers, supplies, accessories, software, etc.
  • Supplies Center for all you need to know about ink and paper
By customizing your registration for the products you have purchased and your type of business, and by setting your communication preferences, you decide the information you need.

HP Start-Up Kit

The HP Start-Up Kit is the DVD that comes with your printer; it contains the printer's software and documentation, including introductory multimedia tutorials to help you to get a good first print.

HP Care Packs and Warranty Extensions

HP Care Packs and Warranty Extensions allow you to extend your printer's warranty beyond the standard period.
They include remote support. On-site service is also provided if necessary, with two alternative response-time options.
  • Next business day
  • Same business day, within four hours (may not be available in all countries)
For more information on HP Care Packs, please visit http://www.hp.com/go/lookuptool/.

HP Installation

The HP Installation service unpacks, sets up and connects the printer for you.
This is one of the HP Care Pack services; for more information, please visit http://www.hp.com/go/lookuptool/.

HP Instant Support

HP Instant Support Professional Edition is HP's suite of troubleshooting tools that collect diagnostic information from your printer and match it with intelligent solutions from HP's knowledge bases, allowing you to resolve problems as quickly as possible.
You can start an HP Instant Support session by clicking on the link provided on the Troubleshooting page of your printer's Embedded Web Server.
To be able to use HP Instant Support:
  • You must have a TCP/IP connection to your printer, because HP Instant Support is accessible only through the Embedded Web Server.
  • You must have access to the World Wide Web, because HP Instant Support is a Web-based service.
HP Instant Support is currently available in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
You can find more information about HP Instant Support at http://www.hp.com/go/ispe/.

HP Proactive Support

HP Proactive Support helps reduce costly printer downtime by preemptively identifying, diagnosing and resolving printer issues before they become problems for you. HP's Proactive Support tool is designed to help businesses of all sizes reduce support costs and maximize productivity—all with the click of a mouse.
A component of the HP Imaging and Printing suite of services, Proactive Support helps you gain control of your printing environment—with a clear focus on maximizing the value of your investment, increasing printer uptime and reducing printer management costs.
HP recommends that you enable Proactive Support right away to save you time and prevent problems before they occur, reducing costly downtime. Proactive Support runs diagnostics and checks for software and firmware updates.
You can enable Proactive Support in the HP Printer Utility for Windows or the HP Printer Monitor for Mac OS, where you can specify the frequency of connections between your computer and HP's Web server, and the frequency of diagnostic checks. You can also choose to run the diagnostic checks at any time. To change these settings:
  • In the HP Printer Utility for Windows, select the Tools menu, then HP Proactive Support.
  • In the HP Printer Monitor for Mac OS, select Preferences > Monitoring > HP Proactive Support.
If Proactive Support finds any potential problem, it notifies you with an alert, which will explain the problem and recommend a solution. In some cases, the solution may be applied automatically; in other cases, you may be asked to perform some procedure to solve the problem.

Contact HP Support

HP Support is available to you by telephone. What to do before you call:
  • Review the troubleshooting suggestions in this guide.
  • Review the relevant driver documentation.
  • If you have installed third-party software drivers and RIPs, see their documentation.
  • If you call one of the Hewlett-Packard offices, please have the following information available to help us answer your questions more quickly:
    • The printer you are using (the product number and the serial number, found on the label at the back of the printer)
    • If there is an error code on the front panel, note it down.
    • The printer's Service ID: at the front panel, select the Information menu icon , then View printer information
    • The computer you are using
    • Any special equipment or software you are using (for example, spoolers, networks, switch-boxes, modems or special software drivers)
    • The cable you are using (by part number) and where you purchased it
    • The type of interface used on your printer (USB or network)
    • The software name and version you are currently using
    • If possible, print out the following reports; you may be asked to fax them to the support center helping you: Configuration, and “all pages above” from Service Information.

Telephone number

Your HP Support telephone number is available on the Web: please visit http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/wwcontact_us.html.






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