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HP Color CM8050 and CM8060 MFP with Edgeline Technology - Troubleshooting C7.0B xx Errors and E3.74 59 Cartridge Errors

Cartridge Missing, Cartridge Failed, and other unexpected cartridge errors may occur when a defective cartridge is inserted into the MFP. The purpose of this document is to help identify the defective cartridge that is causing the unexpected error.
A defective cartridge may cause the MFP to display that a cartridge or cartridges are missing or need to be replaced. It is important to complete the following troubleshooting to determine the faulty cartridge. A defective cartridge can cause the MFP to display false error messages relating to other cartridges.
The information in this document also applies to E3.7459 errors.
To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:
  1. Turn the MFP off.
  2. Remove all cartridges.
  3. Carefully clean The Ink Cartridge Connector for each cartridge with a lint free cloth.
  4. Check for bent pins on the Ink Cartridge Connector for each cartridge. If the pins are bent on any of the cartridges, gently try reforming the pins. Also verify that the Ink Cartridge Connectors are properly seated.
  5. Turn the MFP on with the cartridges uninstalled and the cartridge door closed.
  6. The MFP should display C7.0B12 – Install Black Cartridge. If you are the Key Operator / Administrator of the MFP you can access the Supplies Status screen by pressing the Supplies button. The Supplies Status should show that all cartridges are missing.
  7. Open the cartridge door and install the Black Cartridge.
  8. Close the cartridge door. The MFP should now display C7.0B22 – Install Cyan Cartridge.
  9. Open the cartridge door and install the Cyan Cartridge.
  10. Close the cartridge door. The MFP should now display C7.0B52 – Install Bonding Agent Cartridge.
  11. Open the cartridge door and install the Bonding Agent Cartridge.
  12. Close the cartridge door. The MFP should now display C7.0B42 – Install Yellow Cartridge.
  13. Open the cartridge door and install the Yellow Cartridge.
  14. Close the cartridge door. The MFP should now display C7.0B32 – Install Magenta Cartridge.
  15. At this point the MFP should come to a Ready state.
If one of the cartridges is faulty, it will trigger an unexpected error message as soon as it is installed, or it will not be recognized by the MFP at all, and the error message will not change. It is important to understand that an unexpected cartridge error message is when, due to issues with a cartridge, the cartridge will cause the MFP to signal an error message for a different cartridge than the cartridge that has failed. Replace the cartridge that has triggered the error with a new HP Cartridge.
All print cartridges shall be removed from the customer site unless specifically instructed otherwise. The cartridge handling and disposition will vary from country/region, and even by state or province. It is, therefore, extremely important that you acquaint yourself with the specific requirements for your locale to supplement this general overview. The remaining cartridges shall be packaged and labeled for return to the global operations recycling centers or another designated vendor for your area per the specific instructions for recyclable parts for your locale.