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HP Handheld sp400 Series All-in-One Scanner Printer - Ensuring Optimal Comfort

Ergonomic recommendations

For optimal results and comfort, follow these ergonomic recommendations:
  • The All-in-One is designed for scan and print applications. It is not recommended to be worn when performing keyboarding or other office-related tasks.
  • If you experience discomfort, discontinue use of the All-in-One and notify your supervisor immediately. If you experience persistent or recurring pain or discomfort that you think may be related to using the All-in-One, you should promptly consult a qualified physician and, if available, your company’s health and safety department.
  • Adjust the All-in-One finger strap so it is snug, but not too tight. The wrist strap should have light tension to keep the device against the knuckles without pressure.
  • Maintain a relaxed, neutral posture while using the All-in-One. Avoid making a tight fist.
  • Select a comfortable print location:
    • Print at heights between elbow and shoulder level whenever possible.
    • When printing at heights at or below elbow level, printing horizontally is recommended (on the top of the package, for example).
    • When printing at heights above elbow level, printing vertically is recommended (on the side of the package, facing you, for example).
    • When printing at heights lower than waist level, bending at the knees (not at the waist) is recommended.
    • To avoid extended reaches, slide packages close to you before scanning and printing.
  • Minimize bending the wrist to position the All-in-One. Position hand in a light, relaxed fist when using the All-in-One.
  • Make a light fist when printing to keep the fingers out of the way and help stabilize the hand around the rudder and finger strap.
  • To ensure good quality prints on different types of packages and to ensure comfort, use light pressure to maintain contact with the package when printing. Applying more force will not improve print quality.
  • The All-in-One can be worn on the right or left hand and arm. You may alternate wearing the All-in-One on the right and left hand and arm.
  • When handling boxes, lift with both hands and use good lifting techniques.
  • If the print is difficult to read, consider the following:
    • The print cartridge might need to be replaced.
    • The work area lighting might need to be improved.
    • You may need to slow down the speed at which you are printing.
  • Change your posture during the day by varying your tasks:
    • If your job requires standing for long periods, then sit during breaks.
    • If your job requires standing in one position, place one foot on a box or a bar to shift your posture.
    • If your job requires standing in one position, use an anti-fatigue mat to improve comfort.
    • If your job requires you to walk, use cushioned insoles in your shoes to improve comfort.






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