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Compaq iPAQ H3870 Pocket PC and HP Deskjet 995C - Printing With Bluetooth Using the Compaq iPAQ H3870 Pocket PC

This document contains some instructions for third-party products. This information is provided for informational purposes only. HP does not support these products and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the instructions. Contact the product manufacturer with questions or requests for additional information.
The HP Deskjet 995C Bluetooth feature allows you to print without a cable from a Bluetooth enabled device. This document explains how to setup and print from a Compaq iPAQ H3870 to an HP Deskjet 995C over Bluetooth.

Before you can print, you will need:

The following items are needed to print from the iPAQ H3870 to the HP Deskjet 995C using the Bluetooth feature.
  • A Compaq iPAQ H3870.
  • A PC to which an iPAQ H3870 can be connected. You will download printing software from the Web to your PC, and from there, download to the iPAQ. For further instructions, please refer to the documentation that came with your iPAQ H3870.
  • A third-party printing application such as PrintPocketCE.


Follow Steps 1-4 to print from the iPAQ H3870 to the HP Deskjet 995C. Details for each of these steps appear below.
Step 1. Install third-party printing application
Step 2. Turn the iPAQ H3870 Bluetooth Radio on.
Step 3. Discover and Save the printer.
Step 4. Print a file using the Compaq iPAQ H3870.

Step 1: Install third-party printing application

The iPAQ H3870 requires a third-party printing application, such as PrintPocketCE. Click here to obtain PrintPocketCE. Download the software from this Web site and follow the instructions for loading it onto your iPAQ H3870.

Step 2: Turn the iPAQ H3870 Bluetooth Radio on

  1. Tap Start, then tap Today.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Turn Radio ON (see Figure 1).
    Figure : Turning on the iPAQ H3870 Bluetooth radio.

Step 3: Discover and Save the printer

Before the iPAQ H3870 can print, it must “discover” the printer. “Discovery” describes the process where a Bluetooth-enabled device detects or searches for other Bluetooth-enabled devices within range.
  1. Tap Start, then tap Today.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Bluetooth Manager.
  4. Tap Yes to search for devices now (see Figure 2).
    Figure : Device Discovery
  5. Tap the checkbox next to the Deskjet 995c, and then tap Save (see Figure 3).
    Figure : Choosing the printer.
    If two or more HP Deskjet 995c series printers are within range, the Search screen will display multiple HP Deskjet 995c printer icons. Each printer icon displays the printer’s Bluetooth device name.
    To find the Bluetooth device name of a specific printer:
    Press and hold down the CANCEL (X) button for four seconds to print a Bluetooth Configuration page.
    Select the icon with the Bluetooth device name listed on the Bluetooth Configuration page.
  6. Tap Tools, then tap Settings for All Devices (see Figure 4).
    Figure : Settings for All Devices.
  7. Tap the Serial Port tab.
  8. Be sure to make a note of the Outbound COM Port.
    The Outbound Com Port. In this example, the Outbound COM Port is COM8 (see Figure 5).
    Figure : Note the Outbound COM Port.

Step 4: Print a file using the Compaq iPAQ H3870

You will need a third-party printing application such as PrintPocketCE in order to print to the HP Deskjet 995C from your Compaq iPAQ H3870 Pocket PC. Printing instructions vary according to the third-party printing application used. For printing instructions consult the documentation that came with the third-party printing application you are using.
(If you need further help printing from PrintPocketCE or from other applications, please visit the appropriate third-party Web site for support, using the links placed after these instructions.)
  1. Tap Start, Programs, and then tap PrintPocketCE.
  2. Tap the file that you want to print.
  3. If prompted, choose Printing Options and tap Print. An extra format screen may appear. Make the desired selections, and then proceed.
  4. On the next screen, select the printer port (see Figure 6). The printer is HP PCL and the port was noted in Step three, item 7 (see Figure 5 above).
  5. Select additional printing options and tap Start Printing.
    Figure : PrintPocketCE print screen






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