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HP PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586 - Removal and replacement: Control panel (586)

This document provides the procedures to remove and replace the control panel assembly (586).
Mean time to repair: 15 minutes
Service level: Basic

Before performing service

Turn the printer power off
  • Disconnect the power cable.
    To avoid damage to the printer, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the power cable before attempting to service the printer.
Use the table below to identify the correct part number for your printer. To order the part, go to www.hp.com/buy/parts.
Control panel kit part number
Control panel (586) with instruction guide

Required tools

  • Optional: Small flat-blade screwdriver.

After performing service

Turn the printer power on
  • Connect the power cable.
  • Use the power switch to turn the power on.

Post service test

Verify that the control panel is correctly functioning. See the control panel check section in the printer troubleshooting manual.
586z only: If the keyboard is unresponsive after turning the printer on, check the flat cable. Reinstall the cable if necessary.
  1. Remove the control panel (586)
    1. Tilt the control panel to the fully raised position and open the document feeder.
      Figure : Tilt the control panel up
    2. Beginning at the left side of the control-panel cover, carefully release three bosses along the top edge of the cover.
      The thin, black plastic cover will separate from the white plastic control-panel base.
      Figure : Release three bosses
    3. Lift up on the cover to release the right- and left-side bosses, and then remove the cover.
      Figure : Remove the cover
    4. 586z only: Open the connector latch to release the keyboard flat cable.
      Figure : Release the keyboard cable (586z)
    5. Disconnect one HMDI cable and one connector (callout 1), release the USB cable from the holder and retainers (callout 2), and then remove two thumbscrews (callout 3).
      Figure : Disconnect connectors and remove thumbscrews
    6. Lift the front of the control panel off of the printer (callout 1), and then slide it toward the front of the printer (callout 2) to remove it.
      Figure : Remove the control panel
  2. Unpack the replacement assembly
    1. Dispose of the defective part.
      HP recommends responsible disposal of the defective part.
    2. Unpack the replacement part from the packaging.
      If the replacement part is a roller or pad, avoid touching the spongy part of it. Skin oils on the roller or pad can cause paper pickup and/or print-quality problems. HP recommends using disposable gloves when handling rollers or pads or washing your hands or before touching rollers or pads.
      Make sure that all of the shipping materials (for example shipping tape) are removed from the replacement part prior to installation.
  3. Install the control panel (586)
    1. Tilt the replacement control panel away from the base plate.
      Figure : Open the replacement control panel
    2. 586z only: Make sure to feed the keyboard flat cable (callout 1) through the opening (callout 2) in the control-panel base when installing the control panel.
      Figure : Pass the flat cable through the opening
    3. Locate the four hooks on the ISA chassis (callout 1) and the matching slots in the control-panel base (callout 2). The hooks fit into the slots (callout 3) when the assembly is installed.
      Figure : Locate the control-panel mounting hooks and slots
    4. Position the rear edge of the control panel in the ISA chassis (callout 1), and then lower the front of the assembly down (callout 2).
      Make sure that the hooks on the ISA chassis are engaged in the slots of the control-panel base (see step #V1057505462/CPHOOK1).
      Figure : Install the control panel
    5. Use the screwdriver provided in the kit to install two screws (callout 1). Connect one HMDI cable and one connector (callout 2), and then install the USB cable in the holder and retainers (callout 3).
      Figure : Install thumbscrews and connect connectors
    6. 586z only: Insert the flat cable in the connector, and then close the latch.
      When the flat cable is correctly inserted in the connector, the white line on the flat cable is parallel to the connector body.
      Figure : Connect the keyboard cable (586z)
    7. Position the control-panel cover on the control panel.
      Figure : Install the cover
    8. Beginning at the right side of the control-panel cover, carefully push down along the top edge of the cover to engage the bosses.
      If the right- and left-side bosses are not fully engaged, push down along the edge of the cover to fully seat them.
      Figure : Engage three bosses






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