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Samsung Laser Printers - How to Install and Add a Printer Using Mac OS

This document explains how to install the printer driver and add a Samsung printer using a Mac computer.
Use the following steps to install the printer driver. Once the software has successfully installed, continue to the next section to add a printer.

Install the printer driver

  1. Select one of the following download methods to install the printer driver:
    • Installation CD: Insert the installation CD, and then click Run. Open the Mac Installer folder, and then run the Installer OS X.pkg file.
      Figure : Example of the Installer OS X.pkg file
    • Download from the website: After downloading the software from the website, please unzip the file. Go to PrinterDriver>MAC_Installer>MAC_Printer, and then run the Printer Driver.pkg.
      Figure : Example of the zip file, and then running the Printer Driver.pkg file
  2. Make sure to enter the password if prompted by the Installer.
    Figure : Example of entering the password when prompted by the Installer
  3. The Installation is complete.
    Figure : Example of Installation complete
After the software has successfully installed, continue to the next section to add a printer.

Add a printer

Use the following steps to add a printer using a Mac computer.
  1. Open the System Preferences by clicking on the gear icon from the Dock at the bottom of the computer screen.
    Figure : Example of the System Preferences icon
  2. Click Printers & Scanners.
    Figure : Example of clicking on Printers & Scanners
  3. Click on the + sign.
    Figure : Example of clicking on the + sign to add printer
  4. Select the IP address at the top, and then choose a HP Jetdirect - Socket in the Protocol field
    Figure : Example of selecting the IP address, and then choosing HP Jetdirect - Socket
  5. Enter the printer's IP in the Address field, and then enter the printer name to be used in the Name field.
    Figure : Example of the printer IP Address, and then entering printer name
  6. The printer driver is selected automatically in the Use field. If not automatically selected, click Select Software.
    Figure : Example of clicking on Select Software
  7. Search and choose the driver to install.
    Click OK.
    Figure : After searching and choosing the desired driver, click OK
  8. Click Add, to add a printer.
    Figure : Example of clicking Add to add a printer
  9. Adding the printer is now complete.
    Figure : Example of the printer is now added
  10. To check for the printer, open the print command in the document.
    Figure : Example of printer appearing in the print command






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