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HP PCs - Saving Files to Disc (Windows 7)

This document pertains to all HP computers with a writable disc drive and Windows 7.
If your computer has a CD-RW, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW drive, you can use it to burn a data disc containing files, such as backups of your important documents or mp3 music files.
To create a conventional music CD (CD Audio), use Microsoft's Windows Media Player or other software to create your disc. A disc containing MP3 files is not the same as CD Audio and it will not play in older audio players that do not recognize MP3 audio.
  1. Click Start and then click Computer.
    Figure : Start menu
    Start menu with Computer selected
  2. Right-click the name of the CD or DVD drive and select Eject. Remove any discs from the drive that may have ejected at this time.
    Figure : Eject a disc
    Eject selected
  3. Double-click DVD RW Drive (E:) to open the disc drive tray.
    Figure : DVD drive selection
    DVD RW Drive selected
  4. Insert a blank disc and close the disc drive tray.
    Figure : Insert disc
    Insert a disc
  5. Click formatting options and select from the With a CD/DVD player (Mastered) option.
    You can use Like a USB flash drive (Live File System) to write files to your disc many times, but the disc might not work in other computers and devices.
    Figure : Format disc
    Burn a Disc formatting option
  6. Click Next to format the disc.
  7. Navigate to the folder that contains the file(s) that you want to copy to the blank disc. Drag and drop the files you want to burn in the window area “Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc”.
    The files you move into this area are not deleted from the hard drive. The icons that appear in the window represent the files and folders that will be copied to disc.
    Figure : Dropping files in your CD or DVD drive folder
    Dropping files
  8. Click Burn to disc to write the selected files onto a recordable disc.
    Figure : Burn to disc
    Burn to disc selected
  9. Enter a title for your disc (default is the date), then click Next.
    Figure : Prepare this disc
    Preparing the disc
  10. Click Burn to disc.
    Figure : Burn to disc
    Burn to disc selected
  11. Wait while the files are written to the disc, then click Next.
    Figure : Writing to disc
    Progress bar for burning the disc
  12. When your files have been successfully written to the disc, click Finish to exit the program.
    Figure : Finished burning files to disc
    Successfully burned the disc
To control the disc drive recording properties, perform the following:
  1. Right-click DVD RW Drive (D:), select Properties, click Recording tab to access the following window.
  2. Select Global Settings to chose whether or not the current UDF session closes when either a single session or multi session capable disc is ejected.
    Figure : Drive properties
    Drive properties with Recording tab shown
  3. Click OK to save any changes made.
    Figure : Global settings
    Global Settings
  4. Click OK to close.






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