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HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series - Configure network settings

Configure network settings

You can view and configure the network settings from the HP Utility. Under Windows, select the Settings tab, then Network Settings. Under Mac OS, select Configuration > Network Settings. The following settings are available.
  • IP Configuration method: specify the way to set an IP address, selecting BOOTP, DHCP, Auto IP or Manual.
  • Host name: specify an IP name for the network device. The name may contain up to 32 ASCII characters.
  • IP address: specify the IP address on the print server. Duplicate IP addresses on a TCP/IP network are not allowed.
    If you change the current IP address and click Apply, the browser loses the current connection to the print server because it is pointing to the old address. To reconnect, browse to the new IP address.
  • Subnet mask: specify a subnet mask, which is a 32-bit number applied to an IP address to determine which bits specify the network and subnet and which bits uniquely specify the node.
  • Default gateway: specify the IP address of a router or computer that is used to connect to other networks or sub-networks. If none exist, use the IP address of the computer or the IP address of the print server.
  • Domain name: specify the name of the DNS domain in which the print server resides (for example,
    The domain name does not include the host name: it is not the fully qualified domain name, such as
  • Idle timeout: specify the number of seconds that an idle connection is allowed to remain open; 30 is the default value. If set to zero, the timeout is disabled and TCP/IP connections remain open until closed by the other node (such as a workstation) on the network
  • Default IP: specify the IP address to use when the print server is unable to obtain an IP address from the network when powered on or when reconfigured to use BOOTP or DHCP.
  • Send DHCP requests: specify whether DHCP requests are transmitted when a legacy default IP address or a default Auto IP is assigned.
To configure the same network settings from the front panel, select the Connectivity menu icon , then Gigabit Ethernet or Jetdirect EIO > Modify configuration.
You have various other options available from the Connectivity menu icon.
  • USB: view information about the USB connection
  • Jetdirect EIO: view information, configure and reset the Jetdirect connection
  • Advanced > Select I/O timeout: specify the number of seconds that an idle connection is allowed to remain open, 270 is the default value, if set to zero, the timeout is disabled
  • Advanced > Allow SNMP: specify whether SNMP is permitted
  • Advanced > Embedded Web Server > Allow EWS: specify whether the Embedded Web Server is enabled
  • Advanced > Web Services > HP Utility software: view the HP Utility software settings
  • Advanced > Web Services > Color and paper management: view the color and paper management settings