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HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer Series - Clean the Encoder Strip

Clean the Encoder Strip

Cleaning the Encoder Strip is a vital part of the printer’s maintenance and can clear a variety of system errors:
  • 86:01 or 87:01 system errors and related mispositioning of the Carriage Assembly errors, such as the carriage bumping into the side of the printer.
  • 42:10 system error, related to failures starting and homing the carriage on the scan axis.
  • 29:01 and 29:02 system errors which cannot be cleared even after installing new Maintenance Cartridges.
  • There are occasions when an Encoder Strip that needs cleaning can cause paper loading issues, as the Carriage cannot correctly detect the position of the paper.
With the type of pigmented ink that is used in the printer, the Encoder Strip cleaning must be performed at regular intervals. Cleaning must be performed after every 10 liters of ink used. The front panel will display a message when cleaning is required:
This message is displayed after every 5th job until the cleaning is performed, and the counter has been reset. This procedure is normally performed by the customer. Instructions and materials are provided within the User Maintenance kit. The kit can be ordered using part number Q6715A (HP Designjet Z6200 User Maintenance Kit).
When the message is displayed on the front panel, a ‘silent’ warning message is added within the system error log ‘8:01’. This helps when reviewing the error log history, to see if the message has been displayed.
Cleaning procedure
  1. At the front panel, select Clean Encoder Strip from the Ink menu.
  2. The front panel explains what you need to clean the Encoder Strip. Press OK to continue or Cancel to exit.
  3. Open the Window.
  4. Clean the Encoder Strip as shown in the front panel, and press OK when finished.
  5. Close the Window. The Carriage moves to the left-hand side of the printer.
  6. The front panel prompts you to reopen the Window and clean the right-hand side of the encoder strip (inside the Service Station). Press OK when finished.
  7. Close the Window. The Carriage returns to its ready position in the Service Station.