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HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer Series - Cleaning the Platen

Cleaning the Platen

If wide paper is used to print after narrower paper is used for some time, you may find that the left-hand side of the Print Platen has become dirty and will leave marks on the back of the paper if not cleaned.
It is recommended to clean the Print Platen on a regular basis (at least every few months or when required) as follows:
  1. Unload any media loaded from the printer.
  2. Open the Window and with a dry brush remove ink deposits from the Cutter Groove and the Print Platen surface.
    Cutter Groove
    Print Platen Surface
  3. Use a clean, absorbent lint-free cloth, dampened with Isopropyl Alcohol (not supplied in the Maintenance Kit), to wipe loosened ink deposits from the Print Platen.
    • Use commercial cleaners or abrasive cleaners.
    • Wet the Print Platen directly because you will leave too much moisture behind.
    • Wet the rubber wheels at all (not even with the cloth).
  4. Clean the Cutter ramp with the damp cloth.
  5. Clean the exposed part of the wheels with a dry cloth. Ideally, clean the whole circumference of these wheels (you can use Turn Drive Roller Utility on Turn Drive Roller).