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HP Designjet 100plus and 110plus Series Printers - Printer Setup


This document contains instructions for setting up and installing the printer. Read and complete each section of instructions in order. Before beginning any of the setup and installation procedures, verify that all of the setup requirements are met and that the printer shipped with all of the listed parts.

What ships in the box

  • HP Designjet 100plus/110plus printer
  • Power cord
  • Parallel cable (AP)
  • USB cable
  • Printheads (4)
  • Ink cartridges (4)
  • Input C/A2-size tray
  • Output tray
  • Software setup for Windows users CD
  • Drivers CD for Mac
  • User Documentation CD
  • Setup Poster
  • Quick Start Guide

Setup instructions

HP recommends that two people remove the printer from the box.
  1. Gently remove the printer and it's accessories from the box as shown in the pictures below.
    Figure : Removing accessories
    Figure : Rolling box onto side
    Figure : Printer in up position
    Figure : Pulling printer from box
    Figure : Rotate printer to upright position
    Figure : Removing end packing
    Figure : Printer removed from box
  2. Gently place printer on stable printing surface and remove the packing tape.
    Figure : Removing packing tape
  3. Open the main top cover and remove the protective brace from the printer.
    Figure : Removing brace
  4. Close the main cover and open the right-side cover.
    Figure : Opening right-side cover
  5. Remove packing material.
    Figure : Removing packing material
  6. Close the right-side cover.
    Figure : Closing the cover
  7. Plug in the power and turn the printer on.
    You can also plug the USB cable into the printer at this time.
    Figure : Plugging in cables and turning printer on
  8. The ink cartridge status lights will flash.
    Figure : Cartridge lights flashing
  9. Open the front half of the right-side cover.
    Figure : Opening cover
  10. Remove the ink cartridges from their packaging and begin to install one at a time.
    Figure : Installing ink cartridges
    When a cartridge is inserted, the icon should indicated the installation and show the cartridge as full of ink.
  11. Install all four ink cartridges.
    Figure : Ink cartridges installed
  12. Open the remainder of the right-side cover.
    Figure : Opening remainder of cover
  13. The printhead carriage will begin to move when the cover is fully opened.
    Keep hands and clothing away from the carriage assembly.
    Figure : Carriage movement
  14. Once the carriage has returned to the right-side of the printer and stopped moving, open the printhead carriage cover.
    Figure : Un-latching carriage cover
    Figure : Opening carriage cover
  15. Remove the printheads from their packaging.
  16. Remove the protective tape from the printheads.
    Figure : Removing protective tape
  17. Using the handle on the top of the printhead, lower the printhead into the carriage.
    Figure : Lowering printhead into carriage
  18. Once printhead is lowered into the carriage, press on the top of the printhead to complete the install.
    Figure : Pressing down on printhead
  19. Repeat the installation for all the remaining printheads.
  20. Close the printhead carriage cover, ensuring the hook is latched.
    Figure : Closing the cover
    Figure : Ensuring latch is hooked
  21. Close the right-side cover.
    Figure : Closing right-side cover
  22. Open the paper tray to install paper.
    Figure : Opening paper tray
  23. Properly install the paper.
    Use the guides to straighten the paper in the tray, and ensure the printable side of the paper is facing down in the tray.
    Figure : Installing paper into tray
  24. Install the paper tray into the printer as shown below.
    Figure : Installing paper tray
  25. Install the paper output tray as shown below.
    Figure : Installing output tray
  26. Close the top cover.
    Figure : Closing the top cover
  27. Print a printhead alignment page as shown below (not sure of button combination or if alignment is automatic?)
    Figure : Printhead alignment page
  28. Printer setup is complete.
Install the applicable printer driver for the operating system being used:






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