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Final HP Z Workstation Series October 2019 Refresh (Windows 10) - PSG

Release date : 01-Oct-2019

Last updated : 01-Oct-2019

Effective October 1, 2019, HP is changing the Software configuration on HP Z workstations that come with Windows 10. The new software addition and updates are being made available for download from HP’s support web site for owners of existing Z2 G4 series workstations.

Windows 10 updated components
Windows 10 Build 1903 is coming to Z4 G4, Z6 G4, and Z8 G4 series workstations in November 2019.
  • AMD FirePro Graphics Driver package version or later
  • Conexant Audio Driver version 8.65.317.100 or later
  • HP 1GbE Single Port Flex I/O Driver version 10.33.0419.2019 or later
  • Intel Bluetooth Driver version or later
  • Intel Chipset Driver package version 10.1.18019.8144 or later
  • Intel Network Driver package version R24.0_534742 or later
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver version or later
  • Intel WiFi Driver version or later
  • NVIDIA Quadro Professional Driver version 431.70 or later
  • AMD FirePro Graphics: Resolves BSOD issue found with select cards when operating with 768 GB+ of system RAM.
  • Synaptics Audio: Fix for GUI 'Audio Control' installation failed issue.
  • HP 1GbE Single Port Flex I/O: Various fixes and enhancements.
  • Intel Bluetooth: Various fixes and enhancements.
  • Intel Chipset: Various fixes and enhancements.
  • Intel Network: This release includes Universal Windows Drivers support for Windows 10 version 19H1
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology: Various fixes and enhancements.
  • Intel WiFi: Various fixes and enhancements.
  • NVIDIA Quadro Professional: Contains security fixes: CVE-2019-5683, CVE-2019-5684, CVE-2019-5686, CVE-2019-5687
Various quality of life fixes and improvements to functionality for all platforms.
Components affected:
Affected operating systems
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 64-bit


Effective date : 01-Oct-2019

Hardware platforms affected : HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation, HP Z2 Small Form Factor G4 Workstation, HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation

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